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Organic Fiber Bars

Organic High Fiber Bars:

  • 14g of nutritious fiber per bar
  • No sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Apple, chocolate, lemon, or cranberry flavors
  • Great for breakfast or on the go!

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High Fiber Bars

High fiber bars, as part of a whole food, fiber-rich diet, help you meet the recommended 35g of daily fiber that supports heart health, a healthy weight, digestive and bowel health, and healthy blood sugar levels.ǂ

The health benefits of a high fiber diet are underappreciated in our modern, processed-food-filled society. Fiber is the unsung hero of the nutritional world, yet the average American consumes only about half the recommended 35g of fiber, or just 10 to 15g each day. Why is this?

Our Low Fiber Diet

The traditional American diet—the farm diet—was packed with foods naturally high in both fiber types found in high fiber bars, soluble and insoluble fiber. These farm foods included whole fruits and vegetables eaten raw and cooked (not processed or out of the can), whole grain breads and flours milled nearby, and nuts. Sugary processed snacks were unheard of and candy was made at home in a pan with some molasses, honey, or pure maple syrup.

In the early 1900s this changed with the advent of the processed foods industry. Packaged, easily transported foods became popular and began making their way onto corner store shelves. Then supermarkets were born and Americans began to lose touch with where their food came from and what exactly was in it. It’s paradoxical that with the discovery of vitamins (late 1800s/early 1900s) we also began to shift away from our naturally high fiber, high vitamin farm diet to one that has to be fortified with vitamins to make up for those lost in processing.

  • 1950-1997: Sugar and high-calorie sweetener consumption rose 41% in America to top 200 annual pounds per person in 1997.
  • 1970-1997: Americans increased the amount of fruit and veggies they ate by 22%, a positive, higher-fiber trend.
  • These days, the major source of fiber in the American diet is grains, followed by vegetables, other foods, legumes and nuts, and finally fruit.

Grab a processed snack today and check the fiber content in the nutrition facts. Chances are the number is below 5g of fiber and high in sugars/carbohydrates. Even though food producers are fortifying their grain products with extra fiber, this nutrient is slowly becoming extinct in the Standard American Diet (SAD) and experts are holding round-table discussions on how to boost the amount of fiber we consume.

What Can a High Fiber Diet Do for Me?

The amount of fiber in High Fiber Bars (14 total grams per bar) is a great way to begin incorporating the health benefits of a high fiber diet. A diet high in fiber offers some well-known health benefits and other less known, and surprising, advantages. All in all, fiber is a miraculous nutrient that does far more for our health than we realize.

  • Fiber is heart smart. This nutrient actually knows which type of cholesterol to raise—the good HDL cholesterol—and which type to lower, the bad LDL cholesterol. By helping to lower bad LDL cholesterol, fiber, and particularly oat fiber, works to keep artery walls clear and blood pressure normal for long-term heart health support.ǂ
  • Fiber helps keep your weight down.ǂ Our friend fiber does this in two ways: first, it curbs your appetite and second it helps eliminate some of the calories you’ve eaten. Fiber stimulates a digestive hormone known as the anti-hunger hormone that helps you feel full and tells you to stop eating. Fiber also increases stomach volume without bloating, helping you feel fuller. The fiber flush effect helps you eliminate a potential 7 calories for every gram of fiber you eat, providing another way to manage how many calories you absorb from your food.
  • Fiber helps keep digestion regular.ǂ The two types of fiber—soluble and insoluble fiber—found in high fiber bars do this by supporting the balance of beneficial digestive bacteria in the intestines and acting as a natural “scrubber” to help cleanse the colon of waste. Fiber is also a natural detoxifier and helps remove digestive toxins that have built up over time due to poor digestion and poor diet.ǂ A detoxified digestive tract functions far more efficiently than a toxic one for digestive benefits you can feel.
  • Fiber helps regulate your blood sugar.ǂ How? A high fiber diet slows the rate of food release from the stomach. This gradual food release into the intestines makes for a more gradual absorption of sugar (glucose) into the body. The result is your blood sugar levels stay steadier rather than spiking and crashing.ǂ Steady blood sugar levels translate to less fat conversion from the sugars in your food.

High Fiber Bars—Tasty, All-Natural Fiber

Unlike many processed snacks, Organic Fiber Bars are not made with sugar. Instead, they are sweetened with dates and fruit, naturally high fiber sweeteners, for a total of 14g of soluble and insoluble fiber per bar.

  • Just 1 bar provides almost half your optimum 35g of daily fiber
  • All organic ingredients combine for a tasty, chewy fiber snack
  • Available in chocolate, apple, lemon, and cranberry flavors
  • No added preservatives, certified kosher/vegan
  • Ideal for those on a dairy, soy, or gluten-free diet
  • Gentle on digestion, no cramping or bloating effects