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First Cleanse
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Gentle Total-Body Internal Cleanse—Ideal for First-time Cleansers‡

  • Gently eliminates toxins and wasteǂ
  • Supports the channels of eliminationǂ
  • Made with gentle, 100% organic whole herbs
  • Simple 2-week, 2-part program

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Promote Vibrant Health with a Total-Body Internal Cleanseǂ
First Cleanse is a 15-day, 2-part, gentle organic detoxification program for first-time cleansers who experience daily bowel movements.ǂ It is formulated using organic whole herbs, which are gentler than deep-cleansing herbal extracts found in our advanced cleanses and organ detoxification products, plus, it also includes a special herbal blend to help enhance digestion.ǂ First Cleanse gently supports the channels of elimination: liver, lungs, lymphatic system, kidneys, skin, and blood, and includes a gentle colon cleanse.ǂ It contains no artificial ingredients; no added binders, fillers, or gluten.

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Customer Reviews

  • Love this Product  |  (Posted on 9/23/15)

    Review by Carmella

    Out of 5

    Wow. I purchased First Cleanse because I was taking some meds, constipated all the time, feeling and looking so bloated. I was also gaining weight ( went from 112 to 121 ) and I was starting to get depressed. I decided I wanted to Cleanse my Body (Naturally ) in 2 weeks. I feel GGGGreat. No more bloated feel and look. Best of all I had a Bowel Movement Everyday and I now drink plenty of Water ... I never drank water before ( one of my problems ) only when I made Tea. Thank you so very much for this amazing poduct Renew Life.

  • Still struggling  |  (Posted on 9/9/15)

    Review by Kellie

    Out of 5

    So far this has not completely done the trick. But in its defense, my problem has been going on for at least three years and it has a big task. I do feel movement which was not happening before. And I am going slightly more often. Still not easy, still a strain. But it has only been a week. Still have another week to go. Looking forward to great things.

  • Effective first cleanse  |  (Posted on 8/29/15)

    Review by omine

    Out of 5

    l was advised to start with the First Cleanse before doing a Heavy Metal Cleanse. This is my first time cleansing and I am sorry I waited so long. I recommend this to anyone who is needing to start cleansing, it's mild and effective. You might have some flu like symptoms in the beginning, mine were mild for 1 day. After I felt more energy and slept better. Now I am beginning my Heavy Metal Cleanse.

  • AMAZING!!!  |  (Posted on 8/10/15)

    Review by Nikita

    Out of 5

    I was nervous about doing a cleanse but I know I needed to so I tried this one. I started out taking half the dose because I usually get sick to my stomach or constantly have to go to the bathroom but it never made me feel that way. For the first 3-4 days I did half the dose & then after that I did the full dose for the remainder of the time. I have never felt so good after doing this cleanse! I go regularly now & feel so much better. It gave me energy when I took it. I did feel a little tired some days but I don't know if that was from this. I am going to do the liver cleanse next & can't wait till it arrives. Definitely try this one if you have a sensitive stomach!

  • WOW!!  |  (Posted on 7/26/15)

    Review by Louise

    Out of 5


  • Good beginning...but....  |  (Posted on 6/27/15)

    Review by Alane

    Out of 5

    I waited until I could totally commit to a 2 week cleanse. I stopped drinking wine, caffienne and sugar. I doubled the recommended water amount, ate more fruits and veggies and tracked my steps totaling nore then 5 miles a day. The first 3 days were productive. By day 5 and 6, my constitution slowed and I felt constipated. I used the gentle laxative packet enclosed in the box...to no avail. I had to stop and re regulate my system. Now, I'm not bashing this product, and yes I'll try another cleanse, but I'm in tune enough with my body to know that this wasn't the right product for me. I applaud others who had success with this cleanse. The moral of my review is to know when the risk of constipation may lead to a bigger issue even if you think you are doing everything right according to the directions.

  • Good product!   |  (Posted on 6/3/15)

    Review by Alicia

    Out of 5

    I loved this product! It was very gentle and it flattened my tummy (decreased the bloating.) I would recommend this product!!

  • Felt Great!  |  (Posted on 5/28/15)

    Review by Mamacita

    Out of 5

    I just finished my First Cleanse. It was gentle and I felt great. My stomach got flatter too! I have recommended this to friends.

  • good product  |  (Posted on 3/17/15)

    Review by Adela

    Out of 5

    It wasn't unpleasant at all like I expected. Poopsed three good sized poops every day that I was on this cleanse. I am ready now to do the paragone cleanse. Just in case

  • This cleanse worked great.  |  (Posted on 3/17/15)

    Review by Eric

    Out of 5

    Just what I needed to make the proper adjustments to my system.

  • Excellent Product  |  (Posted on 3/5/15)

    Review by Satisfied Customer

    Out of 5

    I loved, loved this cleanse! I can only say good things about it. i would recommend this product 1000X over.

  • Not doing anything for me so far  |  (Posted on 2/3/15)

    Review by Annette

    Out of 5

    Perhaps because I am already healthy .. tried this to see if I could get rid of some extra (menopause) weight, but it's had no effect whatsoever. I actually picked up some pounds.
    No effect for my husband either. We are both healthy and fit and in our fifties.

  • Good Cleanse   |  (Posted on 1/27/15)

    Review by Berri

    Out of 5

    Had Bad cramps, here and there. But it served it's purposes.

  • great morning pill had so much energy  |  (Posted on 1/18/15)

    Review by Renewself LLC

    Out of 5

    Looked forward to the way I felt everyday with this my exercise sessions were so much better also no side effects with AM PILL

  • Dosage  |  (Posted on 11/28/14)

    Review by Cherrie

    Out of 5

    I keep reading reviews on here of people not knowing how many capsules to take and what the proper dosage is... People are saying that their bottle says to take 3 but the label here on the website says to take 1. Neither of those are correct. You are suppose to take TWO in the morning 1/2 hr before you eat or 2 hours after and TWO in the evening same as morning, that is, 1/2 hr before you eat or 2 hours after. I am looking at the labels right now on the websites and both labels in two different place on each label says TWO capsules and my bottles here at home say TWO. The label perfectly matches the one here online. You've got to read everything and follow directions, folks! It WILL work IF you do it correctly, read all the directions, eat the right food, drink lots of water, take fiber, etc. Just stick it out instead of saying it's a waste of money and throwing in the towel after ONE day. It's a CLEANSE and most likely you'll feel like crap! And that's a good thing because it's getting all the junk out of your body that doesn't belong there! Peace out! :)

  • Thank You  |  (Posted on 11/14/14)

    Review by Gloria

    Out of 5

    I am a 66 year African American female who is about to embark on a journey to lose 80 pounds, so with much research reading, I decided the best plan was to cleanse my body first. So I purchased FirstCleanse 14 day program and started a good breakfast daily, mainly using my Nutria bullet with lots of vegetables and fruits, lunch of homemade vegetables soup or fruit salad with cottage cheese and dinner of fish or chicken with sweet potatoes or beans and with lots of veggies.
    I didn't have Norwegian Gold Omega Oils but took flax seed oil. I lost a total of 7 pounds in the 14 days, my stomach is noticeably down and I feel wonderful. My elimination of bowel movement was every morning before I set off for my 1 hour walk around the neighborhood. I didn't have any adverse side effects. I am really please with the product and have encouraged several of my girlfriends to try it. Thank you.

  • Super easy  |  (Posted on 9/3/14)

    Review by Cndnpride

    Out of 5

    I am now on the liver cleanse because I was so impressed with this one. It's really easy. I noticed a difference in my cravings and bloating within days. Even my skin is looking healthier. Recommending it to my friends

  • Effective and gentle  |  (Posted on 8/28/14)

    Review by Carmen

    Out of 5

    This was my first cleanse. I felt it was effective and was not too harah

  • awesome product  |  (Posted on 8/5/14)

    Review by Kim

    Out of 5

    I hadn't done a cleanse in many years, but wanted to do it again after having given up sugars and starches due to glucose intolerance. That alone has made of world of difference for me, and because of that, now I'm really focused on getting healthy! Looking for a cleanse, I went to our local Herbarium, where they recommended this product, and I'm loving it. I've been really regular, feel great, and aside from getting bound up once when I changed my eating patterns and didn't drink as much water as I usually do, I've had no negative side effects or reactions. (a rarity for me) Btw, the CleanseMORE sample they include with this package worked great when I needed it! I'm nearly done with this cleanse now and liked it so much, I'm looking for my next cleanse. I didn't have the FiberSMART or OilSmart that they recommend available this time, but I've also been taking one of their probiotics, and will be adding all of these to my daily regimen! Love that they have organic products available!

  • GREAT!  |  (Posted on 7/22/14)

    Review by Ashton

    Out of 5

    I've used this cleanse a few times and have loved it each time. This is the first cleanse I've ever used, and will be the only cleanse I ever use. It's gentle and effective and works well at relieving bloat and discomfort. It seemed to really help "clean up" my system and it improved my energy and the way I felt. A few months after doing this cleanse I did their other full body cleanse and that one works great as well. I would just recommend doing this one first if it is in fact your first cleanse just because it is gentle and will get you used to a cleansing cycle. I usually do this cleanse, then the full body cleanse a few months after, and I do this cycle about twice a year.

  • First Cleanse  |  (Posted on 7/3/14)

    Review by Tirzah

    Out of 5

    This cleanse was definitely refreshing for me! I had headaches for the first (2) days. My bowels were out of whack the first week, but finally started to come around the last week of cleanse. I broke out with acne primarily on my chin and jaw line. I still have acne, but I am not worried about that. I decided to order the Cleanse Smart as I am interested in doing all of the cleanses. I am hopefully as I go along in the process the acne will go ahead. I have dealt with acne my whole life and I use all organic make-up, facial washes, moisturizers, etc. I truly believe my body needs more detoxing. When my mom did the First Cleanse, she broke out with fever blisters. It is always good to know these things happen because that is a good sign of detox and healing internally. I give my BLESSING on this product! I also took the First Cleanse box to my Reflexologist and Nutrition professor and the both agreed the quality of ingredients are superior! Thanks!!!!

  • Good Experience  |  (Posted on 6/26/14)

    Review by Elsie

    Out of 5

    FirstCleasne was a good experience for me. There was no discomfort, no pain. Both quinoa, wild rice and eggs were eaten. Everything else was my regular diet. Most of it is lots of fruits. Also I used flax seed in whatever solid food I ate. I am feeling great and I am getting ready for the Liver Detox. Thank you, I truly appreciate FirstCleanse.

  • Easy, Gentle, and Effective  |  (Posted on 1/17/14)

    Review by Sara

    Out of 5

    I do this regularly, usually about 3-4 times a year, so it's not just for first-timers. I like it better than the juice and smoothie cleanses I used to do, because you can still eat normally while you cleanse, and you only have to take the pills twice a day. You are not confined to the restroom while taking this cleanse, it is very gentle. I like it so much because I feel like I get a good cleanse, but it doesn't interfere with your everyday life barely at all.

  • Great Results  |  (Posted on 12/29/13)

    Review by jessbo58

    Out of 5

    My husband and I did this cleanse this past summer and we both had a good experience.

    I must say the digestive "consequences" are a little unpredictable. I'm so glad I was not working outside the home during this cleanse! The digestive issues were not as much of a problem for my husband. However, the digestive side effects were NOT enough to make me stop using this cleanse and I would do this cleanse again.

    My husband and I developed a little cough during the process, but I do think this cleanse has relieved my asthma and allergies. I was on 5 medications for asthma, allergies, and high blood pressure (2 asthma meds, allergy med, nose spray for CONSTANT stuffiness, and high blood pressure med). After doing this cleanse, I am now only on ONE medication for high blood pressure.

    In the past (before doing this cleanse), I would stop taking my allergy medication for a month of two only to feel like I had the flu and get right back on them. I NEVER thought I would be off my allergy medication and nose spray, but I am! I've been off of the asthma and allergy medication for 6 months and have no need to get back on them.

    FULL DISCLOSURE: After this cleanse I stopped taking 2 prescription asthma medications and I started taking natural Vitamin E to help control my asthma and allergies.

    Before this cleanse, my husband I would sunburn after a short time in the sun. He would mow our yard (takes him about 3 hours) and would come in very red. I would only have to spend an hour or so in the sun to get burned. After we did this cleanse, we have stopped sunburning; we don't even tan! I was able to mow my yard (takes me 4 hours) in the mid-day sun with no sunscreen wearing a tank top and shorts and did not have even a tan line! We went outside all summer with no sunscreen and never burned.

    We are in the process of doing the bowel cleanse to help maintain the results of the total body cleanse.

    I have recommended this product to everyone I know. I will continue to use Renew Life products.

  • fabulous produce  |  (Posted on 11/25/13)

    Review by isabella

    Out of 5

    follow the directions on the label. its fabulous. you use this product to help your body cleanse. Its awesome and very gentle.

  • I feel so much better  |  (Posted on 10/25/13)

    Review by Barry

    Out of 5

    This is the first time I used a cleanse of any kind. I am so used to just eating right which includes fruits and vegetables combined with a proper diet and exercise but that didn't seem to be enough. After using the whole body cleanse I have seen a significant difference in my whole being. Mentally and physically. I can't explain it but I feel so much better than before. It's a simple program. I felt a difference almost instantly. I highly recommend this program/product.

  • I feel better  |  (Posted on 9/27/13)

    Review by April

    Out of 5

    I took FirstCleanse for 2 weeks and it worked great. I feel better and lost 8 pounds.

  • Info on how to have no side effects  |  (Posted on 8/21/13)

    Review by Rhonda

    Out of 5

    Even though I have cleansed before, I haven't in a while and chose First Cleanse because I do experience 2-3 bowel movements a day. I am following the diet. I have opted to increase my fiber content to at least 35 grams a day instead of taking the FiberSmart, only because I didn't have the FiberSmart when I was ready to begin the cleanse. I am glad I chose this, because by the time I consume all these grams of fiber through raw vegetables (carrots), coconut milk greek yogurt, almonds, sunflower seeds, etc., I am too full to want any of the junk food that I normally consume. This occurred on the very first day. Now I know how to diet very easily. Also, since I have cleansed before, I do know how to do it without side effects. I am taking a sweat bath every day of the cleanse. Although the liver is the main detoxification organ of the body, the skin is the biggest detoxification organ. When doing a cleanse, the body releases toxins into the body, and it is the liver's job to get ride of them. The extra fiber can also absorb the toxins, but if the body has too many toxins for the fiber to absorb and the liver to flush out, there will be side effects, like pimples, cold or flu like symptoms. The sweat bath consists of sitting in a warm enough bath, that is comfortable, and just sweat. I know it sounds funny, it did to me at first too. It may take 10 minutes to start sweating, but as soon as you start to feel sweat start on the top of your brow, you only have to sweat for about 15-20 minutes. I love it so much that I will sweat for an hour. You can do this as long as you are also replacing fluid with room temperature water as you sweat. It is so good for you. When you are done, you will need to sit until you have cooled off. It helps to keep water weight off too, but don't be afraid to replace it with water. You actually keep water weight off better if you drink all day long (8-10 glasses of water every day). Water also helps to flush out toxins and fat cells. Before you bathe, you will want to take the chlorine out of your bath. I do this easily by placing a tablet in the bath while filling the water. A very inexpensive way is to use Vitabath effervescent vitamin C dechlorination tablets. There are other ways, but this is the easiest and most cost effective way I have tried. I hope this can help some people, because I read how some people are having some difficult side effects and it doesn't have to be that way. Just wanted to mention that I do not have any affiliation with Vitabath. Just a consumer that like their product. Hope this helps with side effects!

  • A new life  |  (Posted on 6/24/13)

    Review by Romyloy

    Out of 5

    A friend of mine recommend cleansing deep inside me, because I told him that I don't feel very well. I feel weak and always have stomach trouble, what troubled me most is my bleeding. So I followed his advised and I saw First Cleanse at Walgreen . I bought it and after three days, I feel better , no more blood , my stomach stop giving me trouble. I feel I have a new life.

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