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3-Day DIET Start

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3-Day DIET Start
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An Easy 2-part formula to Jumpstart Weight Loss‡

  • Enjoy better regularity‡
  • Supercharge your Energy‡
  • Flush Away Toxins‡
  • Natural and effective‡

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Simple, Natural Cleansing Program Helps Jumpstart Weight Loss‡

  • Quick and easy 2-part kit
  • Naturally enhances energy levels‡
  • Helps flush away toxins‡
  • Promotes regularity‡
  • Great-tasting liquid formula
  • No GMOs, yeast, gluten, salt or dairy

Looking and feeling your best begins with maintaining a healthy body weight. 3-Day DIET Start combines proven natural ingredients in a safe and effective formula to give you the added boost you need to achieve your weight loss goal and take the first step toward living healthier every day.‡

3-Day DIET Start is a powerful dual-action morning and evening formula developed to help jumpstart your weight loss program by naturally enhancing energy and promoting regularity.‡

3-Day DIET Start Part One: AM Energize
With vitamin B12, yerba mate, ginseng and other natural ingredients to help increase energy and promote healthy metabolic function.‡ Milk thistle and dandelion provide added support for the liver and kidneys to enhance detoxification and help eliminate toxins.‡

3-Day DIET Start Part Two: PM Cleanse
Includes natural bowel-stimulating herbs to help eliminate waste and promote regularity.‡ Magnesium helps to hydrate the bowel, and soothing herbal ingredients nourish and support the intestines.‡

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Customer Reviews

  • Horrible taste  |  (Posted on 1/20/15)

    Review by Jane

    Out of 5

    The box clearly advertises "great tasting juice shots". Oh god! This is horrid! Especially the p.m. shot. Complete false advertising and misleading as to what the product is going to deliver. I am once again disappointed by quality control. Remove those words from the packaging and replace them with the truth "while this product may produce a desired result, please expect a pungent, bitter taste with a powerful aftertaste that may last for several minutes up to an hour. Can also induce heartburn or no desired effect at all." Oiy vey. Stop ripping us off. Just be honest, we like honest. We would buy honest.

  • Man!  |  (Posted on 12/7/14)

    Review by ashleyrenae

    Out of 5

    Took day one... Next morning... TMI but I basically sharted... At 8a... Stay near a bathroom. If u don't exercise and eat well soluble foods, u are wasting your money. It say START. its not a miracle diet drink. Its to help you get a good start... Good way to kick start a diet!!!

  • love it   |  (Posted on 12/6/14)

    Review by randee

    Out of 5

    Once you get past the taste it works amazing .. I would buy it in bulks if the price was right helps with my tummy issues on the first day .. two thumbs up!

  • DOES NOT WORK and TASTES TERRIBLE!  |  (Posted on 2/4/14)

    Review by Craig

    Out of 5

    Oh my god. PM bottle is nasty. it took three tries to get it down. 2 days in -- nothing. in fact it stopped me up -- I usually have a BM 1-2 a day. nothing. nada. and I have a terrible taste in my mouth. going to see if I can get my money back

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Kit Size 2 Part Kit
Weight (oz) 16.5000

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