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3-Day DIET Start

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3-Day DIET Start
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An Easy 2-part formula to Jumpstart Weight Loss‡

  • Enjoy better regularity‡
  • Supercharge your Energy‡
  • Flush Away Toxins‡
  • Natural and effective‡

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Simple, Natural Cleansing Program Helps Jumpstart Weight Loss‡

  • Quick and easy 2-part kit
  • Naturally enhances energy levels‡
  • Helps flush away toxins‡
  • Promotes regularity‡
  • Great-tasting liquid formula
  • No GMOs, yeast, gluten, salt or dairy

Looking and feeling your best begins with maintaining a healthy body weight. 3-Day DIET Start combines proven natural ingredients in a safe and effective formula to give you the added boost you need to achieve your weight loss goal and take the first step toward living healthier every day.‡

3-Day DIET Start is a powerful dual-action morning and evening formula developed to help jumpstart your weight loss program by naturally enhancing energy and promoting regularity.‡

3-Day DIET Start Part One: AM Energize
With vitamin B12, yerba mate, ginseng and other natural ingredients to help increase energy and promote healthy metabolic function.‡ Milk thistle and dandelion provide added support for the liver and kidneys to enhance detoxification and help eliminate toxins.‡

3-Day DIET Start Part Two: PM Cleanse
Includes natural bowel-stimulating herbs to help eliminate waste and promote regularity.‡ Magnesium helps to hydrate the bowel, and soothing herbal ingredients nourish and support the intestines.‡

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Customer Reviews

  • Horrible taste  |  (Posted on 1/20/15)

    Review by Jane

    Out of 5

    The box clearly advertises "great tasting juice shots". Oh god! This is horrid! Especially the p.m. shot. Complete false advertising and misleading as to what the product is going to deliver. I am once again disappointed by quality control. Remove those words from the packaging and replace them with the truth "while this product may produce a desired result, please expect a pungent, bitter taste with a powerful aftertaste that may last for several minutes up to an hour. Can also induce heartburn or no desired effect at all." Oiy vey. Stop ripping us off. Just be honest, we like honest. We would buy honest.

  • Man!  |  (Posted on 12/7/14)

    Review by ashleyrenae

    Out of 5

    Took day one... Next morning... TMI but I basically sharted... At 8a... Stay near a bathroom. If u don't exercise and eat well soluble foods, u are wasting your money. It say START. its not a miracle diet drink. Its to help you get a good start... Good way to kick start a diet!!!

  • love it   |  (Posted on 12/6/14)

    Review by randee

    Out of 5

    Once you get past the taste it works amazing .. I would buy it in bulks if the price was right helps with my tummy issues on the first day .. two thumbs up!

  • DOES NOT WORK and TASTES TERRIBLE!  |  (Posted on 2/4/14)

    Review by Craig

    Out of 5

    Oh my god. PM bottle is nasty. it took three tries to get it down. 2 days in -- nothing. in fact it stopped me up -- I usually have a BM 1-2 a day. nothing. nada. and I have a terrible taste in my mouth. going to see if I can get my money back

  • The cleansing effect works for my Dieting and Sinus!!  |  (Posted on 6/8/13)

    Review by Love3Day

    Out of 5

    Not only 3-day-diet-start takes care of my dieting problem, it also takes care of my sinus. My sinus reacts to the change of weather when the weather goes from sunny dry to dark soggy with rain and low air pressure. Since I started taking 3-day, I feel good both internally(especially my bowels after a big dump) and externally (my sinus) when I took the AM before going to GYM or the PM one before heading for bed. I would not give credits for their taste, but if it is powerful as such, I think it is necessary for me as a patient to learn to tolerate some REAL stuff!

  • Stinky Flatulence  |  (Posted on 3/6/13)

    Review by liz

    Out of 5

    I have put up with the bad taste for 3 days now and no bowel movements just yet. I actually feel very constipated instead and have been having some nasty smelly gasses going on, accompanied by abdominal pain which started on the second day but hasn't gone away. I don't recommend this. Don't waste your money.

  • Doe this product work?  |  (Posted on 2/18/13)

    Review by RayVen

    Out of 5

    2 star since the taste isn't as bad as i thought it would be. I think this is a waste of 20$ cause i do not feel any results at all. im on day two. i just felt normal. the best way to lose weight is to workout. Zumba is fun. i lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks just by doing Zumba.

  • Taste made me look for reviews!  |  (Posted on 2/4/13)

    Review by Sherri!

    Out of 5

    I was okay with the a.m. dose. Not great but tolerable. So, I - like a few others thought putting it in the fridge would make it better. OMG...that PM does...I thought I was being poisoned! The top didn't crack open like the a.m. bottle did so I thought "maybe" it went bad. So, I went searching for reviews. I too wish I would have checked reviews prior to purchasing. Will Whole Foods take it back? It's still sitting on my counter...arggg. I hate to give up. Ya never know! ew ew ew

  • Eww!  |  (Posted on 1/28/13)

    Review by AuDust

    Out of 5

    I couldn't take the third sip for the AM/Start. Yuck. It has the worst after-taste. "Berry" flavor?? What berry??!! Ugg. I put my bottle in the fridge thinking I would try it chilled. I didn't see in the instructions you couldn't chill it so I did. This stuff is going back to Whole Foods. I am afraid to try the PM. You can go to a vitamin/nutrition store and get B12 that you can put under your tongue. Those taste good.

    P.S. This is one star because I had to put something.

  • It does work  |  (Posted on 1/27/13)

    Review by jellybelly

    Out of 5

    Well...I'm on day 2 with this 3 day diet yay! But the reviews really scared me! People made it seem like this diet was just awful but its not that bad. Just suck it up and gulp it down and after that everything starts falling into place! I feel lighter however I do not know if I have lost weight yet. I give it 4 stars because the taste isnt that great but hey its a diet drink! Try it :)

  • terrible  |  (Posted on 11/8/12)

    Review by corump

    Out of 5

    Terrible stuff! Too expensive and taste worst than a shot of alcohol. DO NOT PURCHASE!

  • PRETTY GOOD  |  (Posted on 7/21/12)

    Review by HMJ

    Out of 5

    4 bottles down and 2 to go. Boy this stuff clears you out. Ate less yesterday than I normally would have and anything I did eat helped elimate anything else in my body. I dont need to lose 20 pounds or anything...so I only think I'll get a 3 pound weight loss out of it (which might be a lot of water). But who cares...it definitely flattens the stomach a bit. I hold my nose when I take both shots and drink diet mountain dew right after and am able to handle the stuff. The PM shot is worse than the AM shot. AM shot is easier to swallow. But definitely have a chaser drink with you or you might gag.

    Try it...but don't go too far from a bathroom for at least two days (probably three...but I'm not there yet).

  • Expensive, ineffective & intolerable  |  (Posted on 6/18/12)

    Review by Jules

    Out of 5

    This really was a huge waste of money. The taste of the PM is so bad, I could not drink it.
    Too bad they do not offer a money back guarantee.

  • Product did not work  |  (Posted on 6/11/12)

    Review by Kimberly3555

    Out of 5

    Every "body" is different, but this did not remotely jump start anything with my body. I did not feel "energized" nor did I have a bm. The flavors are not good, but are tolerable, and definitely not as bad as I thought it would be from reading other comments. The best comparison would be as one reviewer stated, "if you can tolerate an alcoholic shot, it's about equivelant." I would not recommend this product, and I won't use the product again. The sad truth is that we all are sucked in to buy this stuff, and the reality is that we need to just exercise more and eat less. Dieters!!!!!! Find a FREE website to count calories on and to get nutritional information on, and keep your money in your pocket. myfitnesspal.com is great, dottie's weight loss zone, sparklepeople.com are all very good choices for people needing to lose weight. Or the best advice I ever got was tyra banks..."you bite it, you write it". Again, free and easy and you can find out how to plan for your nutritional success. Good luck and don't buy this product!!!

  • Horrible Taste  |  (Posted on 5/4/12)

    Review by ivetriedeverything

    Out of 5

    Horrible taste - AM and PM, although AM is not AS bad as PM. This is compounded by the product being ineffective. It was a waste of good money.

  • Can't drink the PM  |  (Posted on 4/12/12)

    Review by Pattyc53

    Out of 5

    The AM portion is okay ... not bad tasting ... but there is no way I can drink that PM stuff. I tried putting it in a shot glass and downing it but it made me want to throw up. How can anyone get this stuff down?

  • Do Not Buy This Product!  |  (Posted on 4/4/12)

    Review by Tammy

    Out of 5

    I am on Day 3 of this and it hasn't done a thing for me! It was a total waste of money! The taste is terrible. The only way that you lose weight is by vomiting. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. It doesn't even deserve 1 star!

  • Did Not Work  |  (Posted on 3/20/12)

    Review by Jessica

    Out of 5

    I bought this product expecting to cleanse my body. This did not work at all!! I feel more constipated after taking it for two days and am going to buy a different cleanse. I also was up all night with stomach pain. I am mad that I wasted my money on this product. The only good thing I got out of this was energy from the AM formula, but the PM did not do its job.

  • Very disappointing!  |  (Posted on 3/15/12)

    Review by Purple daisy

    Out of 5

    The taste doesn't bother me as it goes down very easily! I just can't believe that this product is absolutely useless!! I took it for 3 days and to my dismay it has done nothing for me. In 3 days I only had one bowel movement which wasn't even satisfying. I ate mostly fruit and vegetables and drank at least 2 liters of water along with 3 cups of green tea daily but nothing!!!! Flush and be fit worked for me the first time but had no such luck the second time around so I decided to try this 3 day diet cleanse, I also tried the chia seeds and the probiotic 80 billion and those too didn't work for me! I was bloated and highly constipated. I don't think I will be trying renew life products again! I know everybodys body works differently, I'm just sharing my story!!

  • Yuck.  |  (Posted on 3/11/12)

    Review by JY

    Out of 5

    OMG>> The taste is awful!!! YUCK!! I can't get past the a.m. taste.

  • YUCK  |  (Posted on 3/5/12)

    Review by Sonya

    Out of 5

    Taste horrible...both am and pm. Just started so not sure if will work but will post results after finished with the third day.

  • Bad taste, No results  |  (Posted on 2/17/12)

    Review by Melanie

    Out of 5

    I drank the AM portion and I didn't notice any type of extra energy boost and the PM seems as if it made my bm's irregular. I have not had a bm in two days? What's up with that? Horrible Taste

  • Terrible Taste  |  (Posted on 2/1/12)

    Review by Clean Girl

    Out of 5

    I am a big fan of 'Flush & Be Fit' and have tried many herbal cleansing products over the past several years, having managed some pretty rough tasting detox drinks. I don't mind a medicinal taste but I could barely gag the am portion down. It tastes like Ipicac. This kit is going back for a refund.

  • So far so Good  |  (Posted on 1/23/12)

    Review by Vic

    Out of 5

    Started this morning. Taste is not wonderful but it is not too bad. Already had a bm. I am also doing a juice fast with this for 3 days. Mainly to flush and revive. I am tired all the time. Lots of energy today. :)

  • Joke Product  |  (Posted on 1/20/12)

    Review by Diane

    Out of 5

    I think that included in this box should be a sticker that we all could wear with the letter "S" on it ("S" for SUCKER!). This product is nothing more than a joke.

  • great energy boost  |  (Posted on 1/19/12)

    Review by kimmy

    Out of 5

    I have been planning to lose a little weight for a while now. I found that the product helped me to get started by giving me the energy i needed to get going in the morning, getting rid of the bloat, and losing 4 pounds. I also stumbled apon the 3-day diet plan while researching this product and is a great follow up to the 3-day cleanse. No one ever said that losing weight and feeling great was easy!!!!!!!!! Down 6 pounds now :)

  • tasted too terrible to finish   |  (Posted on 1/18/12)

    Review by Vimar

    Out of 5

    My 1 star is for the taste. I couldn't get past day 1. I honestly think it helps you lose weight because you will probably vomit after you try to choke these down. This is going back to the store.

  • Didn't work.   |  (Posted on 1/12/12)

    Review by Ohio

    Out of 5

    Disappointed, didn't work...only caused bloat, and made me feel mildly sick to my stomach every time I drank AM or PM. I have used many products for detox in the past that have worked, but this product I will not purchase again or recommend.

  • Hhhhhmmmmm  |  (Posted on 1/8/12)

    Review by Texas

    Out of 5

    I started this on friday morning. The AM has given me a good boost without a noticeable "crash". The PM tastes really bad but no worse than a bad shot at a bar, which I'm sure most of us have done at some point. My understanding of the PM was to remove toxins and such which to me means being in the "crapper" and taking care of business - often. I'm typing this on Sunday morning and I haven't "gone" once. What's the dealio????
    Quick snapshot of me: male, 195lbs, 5'11", exercise often. I'm 40yrs old and took this, not to lose weight, but to rid some toxins. I've never cleansed before and pretty sure I need it wiith the amount of "stuff" that I've put into my body.
    Conclusion: Unless a tornado runs through my body today, I say no go. Find something else to help you spend some "alone" time. :-) Hope this helps you!

  • bleh+ caffeine!  |  (Posted on 1/7/12)

    Review by Kat

    Out of 5

    Of COURSE this drink is energizing--it's got a major dose of caffeine (100 mg). Didn't read that till post-purchase. They could put the herbs/caffeine in pill form to eliminate the horrid taste. As for the PM cleanse, I'm not sure how people take it: I could only manage half. Had a normal BM. This is my first "cleanse," so I'm not sure what to expect, but so far I am underwhelmed and don't want to take the AM super-charge of caffeine (I cut caffeine out two years ago and don't want to go back).

  • horrible taste  |  (Posted on 12/30/11)

    Review by Emma

    Out of 5

    I just drank the first days AM drink. I gagged. I am glad it is only a shot!!! If it were any more than that I wouldn't have been able to do it. I work at a health food store and we have had various people come in and say that this product works great so I have decided to try it for myself to jumpstart my New Year's resolution of losing 50 pounds! I'll be back in three days to let you know how it worked! I just hope the PM tastes better than the AM!

  • taste is truly awful  |  (Posted on 12/26/11)

    Review by sarah

    Out of 5

    As I tried the AM drink, I was suprised at the taste. But, if you gulp it down quickly it is tolerable. The PM drink, however, is very unpleasnt tasting to the point that i could only manage to take half of it. I added a little water to dilute it. That being said, it worked for me but not until the 3rd day.

  • didn't like the taste  |  (Posted on 10/5/11)

    Review by sexxy

    Out of 5

    The jumpstart 3 day diet cleanse didn't work for me! I took and still have'nt had a BM!

  • i just bought it yesterday took the pm last night tasted bitter and awful! didnt have a bowel movement yet, took the AM this morning still no movement and the taste is Yukky!!!  |  (Posted on 10/5/11)

    Review by alaina

    Out of 5

    wasted my $19.99 i brought it at the health food store. you win some you lose some dont think i will be recommending this one!

  • Did The Trick  |  (Posted on 5/16/11)

    Review by Josie

    Out of 5

    Worked as promised and got things "moving". Thanks for another great product!

  • Good quick weight loss!  |  (Posted on 4/25/11)

    Review by Jennifer TN

    Out of 5

    This is a good way too lose 2/12 pounds and I eliminated well during the process, so Im sure I got rid of some toxins as well. I put mine in the friodge taste better cold.

  • Not as bad as you think  |  (Posted on 4/25/11)

    Review by Daniel

    Out of 5

    I wanted to lose a couple of pounds I gained over the winter and came across this product.
    I didn't believe in the product at first, but my results were very good as I was able to have a couple more healthy bowel movements with a little energy. The am berry flavor was fine and the pm citrus flavor I could of done without. Overall, I liked my results with this short intro to cleansing and will be doing another cleanse from Renew Life in the near future to shed this extra weight.

  • Perfect for the Weekend   |  (Posted on 4/25/11)

    Review by Trish

    Out of 5

    I started this product on a Friday to kinda energize and clean me out. I had a great weekend, full of energy and felt slimmer and less bloaty. Taste was ok too for this type product.

  • refreshed  |  (Posted on 4/20/11)

    Review by Brandy

    Out of 5

    I loved this quick cleanse because it helped move me! I have been feeling "clogged" up lately and bloated. This helped get me regulated again. Of course its not going to taste amazing most things that are good for you don't! But definately worth the price in my opinion. I will definately do this again.

  • Energy Rush  |  (Posted on 4/18/11)

    Review by Jim

    Out of 5

    Lots of Vitamin B gave me all the energy I needed for the three days while taking this product.

  • Love this  |  (Posted on 3/25/11)

    Review by Chief

    Out of 5

    Great energy and great bowel movements! It has my reccomendation.

  • Energy!  |  (Posted on 3/25/11)

    Review by T

    Out of 5

    Lots of B12 for little money! Love the part one.

  • full of gas and sick  |  (Posted on 3/5/11)

    Review by Dee

    Out of 5

    I took it last weekend, I have had gas pains since and my stomach is bloated. I feel like crap! I will never do this again.

  • Taste is really bad  |  (Posted on 2/18/11)

    Review by Robin

    Out of 5

    I bought it this morning and drank the AM portion and I have to say it tasted like crap! I have not had the PM yet but kind of scare to see how it tastes.

  • Great Energy  |  (Posted on 2/9/11)

    Review by Brook

    Out of 5

    The part 1 AM portion helped with my energy level and helped me meet some new goals I had in the gym as far as my performance levels with cardio.

  • Loved it!  |  (Posted on 1/24/11)

    Review by Susan

    Out of 5

    I have used lots of cleansing products over the past 18 years, most of them by Renew Life. I decided to try the 3-Day Diet Cleanse and found it to be a pleasant surprise. The AM formula gave me good, sustained energy without any kind of crashing effect later in the day. The berry taste was delicious. The PM formula worked very well with no negative effect, just good healthy elimination the next day. Loved the citrus flavor!

  • Good overall  |  (Posted on 1/20/11)

    Review by Anita

    Out of 5

    The PM formula taste better than the AM, but I have to say despite the taste, it accomplished what it said it'd do...the AM portion did give me a nice boost of energy without the jitters. I feel flushed out now and am ready to start my diet.

  • Terrible abdominal pain  |  (Posted on 1/16/11)

    Review by Becky

    Out of 5

    Well I took this one day and woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible stomache ache that will not go away. So I now have to stop taking it and just wasted my money. Very disappointed!!

  • Not so bad  |  (Posted on 1/11/11)

    Review by Linda

    Out of 5

    I saw this today and thought I'd comment as well. I bought this the other day, and yeah, the first swig is a little strong but after that it was fine and it is working on me. I might get another kit and do it for a little longer.

  • Yum!  |  (Posted on 1/11/11)

    Review by Trevor

    Out of 5

    I was surprised how good it tastes! The first part gives you a nice smooth energy burst without feeling jittery or out of it. This is exactly what I was looking for to charge me up and detoxify before my weight loss plan.

  • Very good product, easy 3 day got great lasting energy.  |  (Posted on 1/11/11)

    Review by Steve

    Out of 5

    Easy to drink and only last 3 days. thanks for this great product!

  • Very hip!  |  (Posted on 1/11/11)

    Review by Terry

    Out of 5

    I love the energy shot drinks then I saw this product for energy and cleansing. wow what a cool idea! the product tastes pretty good, better than most of the other products like this, but what i really like is the cleansing part...it worked like a charm :)

  • So Easy and Quick  |  (Posted on 1/11/11)

    Review by Bonita

    Out of 5

    I was leaving town in a week with my boyfriend for a little getaway but was really feeling bloated and constipated, my pants felt tight and I was feeling lethargic. I saw 3-Day Diet Cleanse at a store and decided to try it. It was so easy and quick. It fixed the bloat and gave me some natural energy without jitters. I just wanted to thank you for a great product.

  • Very bad tasting  |  (Posted on 1/11/11)

    Review by Trish

    Out of 5

    I just drank the A.M. portion and I can't believe how terrible it taste. It taste like crushed up aspirings. What's the point in putting the Stevia in it if it makes the product taste so bad? Sorry, but I'm returning this. The box says it's "great tasting." No, it isn't.

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