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Heartburn Stop

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Heartburn Stop
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Potent Natural Formula for Relief of Occasional Heartburn‡

  • Helps neutralize stomach acid‡
  • Powerful herbs and minerals‡
  • Fast-acting formula‡

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Heartburn Stop contains powerful herbs and minerals to support healthy stomach acid levels and help neutralize stomach acidity for fast-acting, temporary relief of occasional heartburn.‡  It comes in great-tasting, chewable raspberry tablets and is gluten-free with no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

What is Occasional Heartburn?
Occasional heartburn is caused when stomach acid is pushed up into the esophagus. This results in a painful burning sensation and may eventually cause tissue damage in the esophagus. Several factors can lead to occasional heartburn and indigestion, including: overeating, eating too quickly, or eating too many sugary, fatty, spicy, and fried foods. Other factors include a lack of digestive enzymes, drinking caffeinated beverages, not drinking enough water, stress, alcohol, smoking, and the use of some medications.

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Customer Reviews

  • Best on market  |  (Posted on 2/24/14)

    Review by Allebach

    Out of 5

    My son has had acid reflux issues for years and has been on strong medicine. He said the Heartburn Stop works better than any product he has used, and I keep a constant supply of it in the house. I would buy it in "club store" size if it was available! :)

  • natural and effective  |  (Posted on 8/12/13)

    Review by rpar

    Out of 5

    I wanted to find an alternative to the calcium-based antacids that I had been using for years to provide heartburn relief. I am a long-time acid reflux sufferer and I am tired of using Tums and Rolaids, as well as Prevacid and Prilosec, knowing that they are not good for my body. I decided to try Heartburn Stop and am happy to say that it works! Whenever I have heartburn/nausea related to my acid reflux, chewing one of these (mildly unpleasant) tablets resolves the issue. Definitely worth it.

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