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IntestiNew™ is a proprietary formula that targets occasional stress that occurs in the bowels or digestive tract to help you feel better. * It contains L-glutamine, N-acetyl D-glucosamine, gamma oryzanol, and select herbs that work together to promote a healthier, stronger intestinal lining and digestive harmony.*

Intestinal Lining Support Formula*    

  • Made with L-glutamine, N-acetyl D-glucosamine
  • Targets occasional bowel and digestive stress*
  • Provides antioxidant support*
  • Gluten free, with no artificial ingredients
  • Available in powder or capsules
  • Quality, purity, and potency guaranteed through expiration

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IntestiNew™ is an intestinal lining support formula made with L-glutamine, N-acetyl D-glucosamine, gamma oryzanol, plus special herbs to help support and strengthen your protective intestinal lining and cells.* It targets occasional bowel and digestive stress.*

The gluten free formula is available in powder or capsules, and guaranteed for quality, purity, and potency through expiration.*

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Will buy capsules next time

I bought the powder because of other reviews but I am not a fan of the taste and the grittiness of the powder. If I order again, it will be the capsules. Didn't take it long enough to notice a difference.

Reviewed by Jennifer on 6/23/15

Life saver

I have had heartburn issues And taking this twice a day has helped me.

Reviewed by Christin on 4/6/15



Reviewed by IBS WILL on 1/5/15

Naturopath was impressed

I have been working with my naturopath to heal leaky gut, dysbiosis, candida, parasites, and some other things. I have been using several Renew Life supplements to help with these. When I brought in my supplements so the Naturopath could look at them and test the effectiveness of them (with applied kinesiology) she was impressed with IntestiNew. She said that the paragone and candigone cleanse was much more effective with the IntestiNew. She also had never seen a supplement with such high amounts of L-Glutamine before. The supplement she sells only had 50 mg i believe (quite the different). I am can not, however, testify to the effectiveness of this supplement as I have many complex problems I am treating with tons of supplements constantly changing. I can not isolate it to the IntestiNew to say how it has worked for me.

The powder is pretty mild tasting. It is gritty and slightly sweet (due to the stevia leaf added). It does not dissolve well in water so I always put it in my nutribullet and give it a quick blend so i can drink it without clumps.

Reviewed by Nicole on 9/13/14

Threw out the Prilosec!

IntestiNew made me feel young again! At first I popped two between each meal to calm the volcano in my gut. Now I only need maybe 2 during the day or sometimes I'll take one between meals, depending.
A year of misery with stomach pain and bloating had been rapidly aging me. I had lost 40 pounds, could find little to eat that didn't upset me, activities and social life bottomed out. Severe gastric problems stemming from an antibiotic reaction sent me to the ER. At 64 years, I'd long ago decided alcohol and fast food was bad while eating healthy and taking nutritional supplements was what kept me out of the doctor's office. But one wrong call by my dentist with medicine I didn't really need threw all my good work out the window and I thought death was at the door. At the ER they said GERD plus an ulcer and gave me Prilosec, a pill to counteract the side effects of Prilosec and an antidepressant to counter them both (the last one I refused). After a week on drugs, things seemed worse so I turned back to natural solutions. The health food store gal turned me onto RenewLife probiotics which were a great start. (I had always thought my daily Activia yogurt was enough and my druggist told me to AVOID probiotics, go figure).
After I discovered how easy it is to order directly from RenewLife and get discounts with fast free shipping, I've been able to afford trying several of the products that weren't at the health store. And I was getting better! But I wanted mo' better and added IntestiNew to my routine. Eureka! Now I can go out to eat like a normal person without making my companions uncomfortable while I search for something on the menu that won't hurt me. Those days are in the rearview, although things like pizza or store bought cookies still make my gut talk out in warning. It is still important to eat the right things and drink LOTS of good water. I could write pages on how much I love IntestiNew and will always have no less than a half bottle on hand at all times. I noticed one reviewer said the capsules caused her constipation. Everyone's different of course but when my bowels began to heal, formerly loose stools started trending to constipation. At that time I added CleanseMore, upped my water intake and went to normal doses of IntestiNew. I feel better than I have in years, even before my gastric crash.

Reviewed by Melinda on 8/5/14

I love this product

I have IBS and I had it come back after eating pizza. I found "IntestiNew" in the health food store and started it in the car right away. I love this product, it works so well. I have been on it for about two weeks and I feel so much better, thank you so much. I never will be without it. Just knowing that if this happens again I can do something for it without side affects and peace of mind. Than you again, not only for the product but for being so kind to me when I called.

Reviewed by Sandra on 6/26/14

Great Product!

I love this product! I had so much gas & bloating after eating! After taking this product as directed on the bottle, on a regular basis along with Intestinal Bowel Soother, I don't have this happen any longer! Don't ever take this product away! It has also helped my constipation issues too!

Reviewed by Kerri on 5/8/14

UC symptoms GONE!

I have been diagnose with Ulcerative colitis 2 years ago, I found IntesiNew just by searching internet and it has really changed my life, all of my symptoms vanished within a month, I had no symptoms of UC whatsoever. I reduced one of my meds to a 1/2 dose (with my doctors approval) and completely got rid of another medication.

Reviewed by Kay on 2/12/14

Works great for my Crohn's!

I've had Crohn's for about 13 years now and until I found Intestinew I would bleed almost daily after BM's. After taking this supplement my bleeding has gone away and this is impressive since none of the pharma meds worked to do this. Great product!

Reviewed by B on 1/2/14

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