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Superior 3-Part Cleansing System

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This comprehensive kit includes:

  • CleanseSMART (2-part program)
  • FishSMART Ultra (45 caps)
  • FiberSMART (8-oz powder)

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Because our bodies are exposed to thousands of harmful toxins every day, regular internal cleansing is essential. This comprehensive kit includes CleanseSMART—America’s best-selling cleanse 7 years in a row—to provide deep-cleansing support for the body’s vital elimination channels and enhance overall health and energy.‡ FiberSMART further supports cleansing by helping to absorb and eliminate toxins in the digestive tract, and FishSMART Ultra advanced Omega-3 oil blend helps to soothe and lubricate the bowel to ease elimination—everything you need for a complete cleansing experience!‡

The Superior 3-part Cleansing System Includes:

  • CleanseSMART (2-part program)
    30-day advanced total-body cleanse includes deep-acting herbal extracts and a potent colon cleanse to help eliminate toxins and enhance health and energy‡
  • FishSMART Ultra (45 caps)
    Ultra-concentrated Omega-3 EPA, DHA and more with peppermint oil for enhanced digestion. Powerful digestive, cardiovascular and immune support‡
  • FiberSMART (8-oz powder)
    100% natural daily fiber formula with probiotics, FOS and L-glutamine for advanced digestive and total-body support‡

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  • I'm Amazed  |  (Posted on 5/13/10)

    Review by Jada

    I have had numerous health issues from constipation, bloating, depression, thrush, Bells Palsy, and allergies. Doctors could not diagnose a problem I'd had for 9 years. Fungus disorder of the tongue was suggested. I went to a health food store and overheard a store employee talk about Cleanse Smart to another customer. I bought the cleanse based on her recommendation. As days went by, I felt better and better and now no longer experience any more symptoms. Thank you to all who helped me when I would call the 800 number - your customer service rocks.

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Superior 3-Part Cleansing System
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