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FiberSMART (Powder)

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FiberSMART (Powder)
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Advanced Daily Fiber for Sensitive Colons‡

  • Organic flax fiber with probiotics, FOS & L-glutamine for healthy bowel function‡
  • Helps relieve occasional bowel irritability‡
  • Helps relieve occasional gas & bloating‡
  • Promotes regularity‡

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FiberSMART is more than a dietary fiber supplement; it is a high-fiber formula that promotes digestive tract and bowel health‡. The natural ingredients in FiberSMART provide relief for occasional gas, bloating, constipation, and bowel irritability.‡ Added probiotics, L-Glutamine, FOS, and soothing herbs promote overall digestive health and help maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora.ǂ The blend of organic flax fiber and guar gum provides a good balance of soluble to insoluble fiber.‡

Fiber also helps to absorb and eliminate toxins from the digestive tract making FiberSMART ideal for use during an herbal internal cleansing program, such as CleanseSMART™ or First Cleanse™.‡

  • Organic flax fiber with probiotics, FOS, & L-glutamine
  • Contains antioxidant-rich lignans
  • Naturally balanced fiber ratio of 35% soluble to 65% insoluble fiber
  • Psyllium free to help prevent gas, bloating, & cramping
  • Gluten free
  • Available in powder or capsules

A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains provides an approximate ratio of 25%–35% soluble fiber and 65%–75% insoluble fiber. While both types of fiber are important in maintaining good health, the balance is equally important in promoting regularity.‡ Too much soluble fiber can worsen a constipation or gas problem for some people. FiberSMART helps to maintain a healthy bacterial balance in the small and large intestines with 900 million live Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria cultures and FOS in every serving.‡

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Customer Reviews

  • I recommend this fiber powder. it mixes well with water and is easy to drink.  |  (Posted on 5/20/15)

    Review by Jean

    Out of 5

    This fiber powder mixed very well with water. Easy to drink. I recommend as it really works.

  • Icky  |  (Posted on 2/19/15)

    Review by Nez

    Out of 5

    I tried this in coffee; it looked and tasted disgusting. It wouldn't dissolve, and changed the taste of the coffee to something I poured down the sink. I WILL NOT use it again, and DO NOT RECOMMEND.*

    * ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTE: Your experience with this product is atypical, as the FiberSMART powder is NOT intended to be mixed into a beverage like coffee. We have clear-mixing acacia fiber products made specifically for that kind of use.

  • Great Product  |  (Posted on 11/23/14)

    Review by Love Fiber Smart

    Out of 5

    It worked perfectly for me, including eliminating bloating and gas that I typically have when taking or eating fiber.

  • We love this product!  |  (Posted on 10/20/14)

    Review by Tara

    Out of 5

    My boyfriend and I have been regular consumers of this product for years! We strongly encourage our friends and family to consume more fiber and this is the best product we have found! It has helped us lessen acne and oily skin as well as help our bodies rid itself of toxins. Being "regular" when it comes to the digestive tract is so important and this product will help anyone! I love that it contains probiotics as well to restore beneficial bacteria to the intestines. Thank you Renew Life for making this great product!

  • Better way to take Fibersmart  |  (Posted on 8/12/14)

    Review by Christine

    Out of 5

    I took fibersmart for about 7-10 days solid. The first time i took it i just put a scoop in a glass of water and vigorously stirred. The result was slimy lumps of fibre among smooth slimy water. The texture made me gag. After a few days I figured out a palatable way to drink this. put a glass of cool water (or room temperature water with an ice cube or two) in the blender then add a scoop of fibersmart, a dash of cinnamon and a about 3 drops of stevia (or another natural sweetener of your choice). Blend it up for a few seconds and enjoy. Because fibre smart is made from a flax base the cinnamon and flax make a pretty decent drink (for drinking fiber).
    When taking fibersmart i did not notice any bloating, gas, or discomfort like people tend to with fiber. I also didn't necessarily notice my bowels clearing out any more than normal. So i am not sure if it did the job or not as i didn't notice any change. I was taking this along side Paragone, Parazyme, and bentonite clay cleanse. So i am not sure if either of those caused an interaction with the fibersmart or if it just doesn't "clean you out". Just am not sure.

  • Best Fiber Powder  |  (Posted on 7/22/14)

    Review by Ashton

    Out of 5

    I love using this with the cleanses (total body, rapid cleanse etc). It really helps to bind to the toxins and waste and "push" it out. It seems to really enhance the cleansers and it doesn't have a weird taste. I usually mix it in with hot tea or I blend it in with my yogurt smoothies. Plus I like the fact that I don't have to really add calories to my diet to add fiber :)

  • Love this!  |  (Posted on 6/12/14)

    Review by Angela

    Out of 5

    I love this product. It is the best fiber supplement I have tried. It has helped with my regularity and has become a part of my daily routine. I highly recommend this to anyone who has struggled with regularity. I was worried that it would irritate my colon but it didn't. Great product!

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