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Heavy Metal Cleanse

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Heavy Metal Cleanse
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Supports Healthy Detoxification of Heavy Metals from the Body‡

  • Promotes heavy metal capture & removal‡
  • Replenishes beneficial nutrients‡
  • Herbs, vitamins, & amino acids support healthy mineral balance‡
  • 2-part, 30-day natural detoxification formula‡

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Heavy Metal Cleanse is an easy-to-use, 2-part detoxification program that combines natural chelating agents and antioxidants to assist the body with the removal of heavy metals.‡ The binding nature of the chelation process results in the possibility that some vitamins and minerals may be removed from the body as well, so this formula helps to replace those important nutrients.‡

Heavy Metal Cleanse 1—Morning Formula is a mineral support formula, containing vitamins and minerals that support a healthy nutritional balance.‡ It includes Vitamins: Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid), Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine), Vitamin B-12, Biotin, Vitamin C and Folic Acid; and Minerals: Calcium, Chromium, Cooper, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Selenium, Vanadium, and Zinc.

Heavy Metal Cleanse 2—Evening Formula contains natural herbs that have been traditionally used to support cleansing for heavy metals.* It includes Chelating Herbs: ‡ Bladderwrack, Chlorella, Garlic, Kelp, Sodium Alginate, and Spirulina; and Antioxidants: Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-leucine, and NAC.

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Customer Reviews

  • best renew life product   |  (Posted on 10/7/14)

    Review by amanda

    Out of 5

    I did this cleanse for 30 days over a year ago. I had a horrible memory that bothered me and i was only 25! It caused very heavy bleeding in my menstrual cycle and i had two periods that month that lasted about ten days each. Here is what i noticed and TMI warning. The blood left copper stains all around the toilet bowl that smelled very metallic. After a couple weeks I had so much energy and i had zero urge to drink caffiene anymore or eat candy (i always loved both)! I wasnt expecting this but a bonus. Now a year later, my mind still feels clearer. I have a normal working memory now. I wish i did this years before. I have done several renew life cleanses and enjoyed most but this one is the most superior! I am about to do this cleanse again and i highly recommend it!

  • So far so good  |  (Posted on 9/25/14)

    Review by Puzzik

    Out of 5

    I came down with array of symptoms summer of 2013. I was ran through all the tests (RA, Sed rate, Lyme disease, Gluten intolerance, etc etc.). I had terrible sleep issues, night sweats, shivering in my legs and complete fatigue.

    I soon started having bowel issues and couldn't go to the bathroom. After a serious of tests I was diagnosed with IBS at the age of 34. I started an IBS treatment at an IBS Treatment Center in Los Angeles but continued to do my own research.

    I decided to get my amalgam fillings taken out but didn't detox much after that.

    I started detoxing with this kid 2 days ago and so far, whatever was left of IBS is just about gone. My sleep has come back, my energy is back and I can get up in the morning and go to work.

    I'm also expanding my diet back to grains, honey and some coffee.

    If you have IBS as a result of Candida & leaky gut, do yourself a favor and read Ian Mitchael Solley article called "IBS Not all in the Mind", this will really open you up to what environmental toxins (heavy metals among others) will do to you.

  • Instructions are wrong  |  (Posted on 11/25/13)

    Review by Lauren

    Out of 5

    I don't have anything to say about the results yet because I'm only on the 5th day, but I wanted to inform everyone who is taking this that the instructions on Bottle 1 are incorrect. I found out the hard way. I have been taking it for 4 days on an empty stomach as directed on the label, but I called the company phone number because I was getting super nauseous and they said to take it WITH FOOD! Just so everyone knows. And the night one is labeled correctly- to take it on an empty stomach.

  • This is amazing stuff  |  (Posted on 11/5/13)

    Review by Sherry

    Out of 5

    I was diagnosed with neuropathy and I am not even a diabetic. My feet were killing me for the last two years with the non-stop pain, the tingling, numbness, burning, and cold. I was taking medication that barely did anything other than just take the edge off. I heard that a lot of this is caused by the accumulation of metals over the years and that it settles in the feet causing some neuropathy. I tried this product and right away felt relief way beyond what anything else even came close to. I just bought this for my dad as well who is a full-fledged diabetic and already has a leg amputated. It's about time we got back to what is good for us, and works, with no side effects. Thank you for making great “natural” products that work.

  • thank-you  |  (Posted on 4/7/13)

    Review by Randy

    Out of 5

    I used this as part of a self researched protocol which included the use of new roots D.M.S.A. (oral heavy metal chelater) and renew life heavy metal cleanse, together with removing 5 molar are amalgam (mercury) filings. I suffered for years with issues that now to me were clearly attributable to heavy metal load and toxicity and mercury that had accumulated at my hypothalmus due to the amalgam filings.

    Thanks for the product and we need to try and get the word out about this issue so that people can help themselves from this FDA sponsored criminal act.

  • Thank you  |  (Posted on 3/15/12)

    Review by Clara

    Out of 5

    I used the Heavy Metal Cleanse for 60 days. I noticed that I no longer had food craving for impure foods, my energy level increased, I had better mental clarity and I was much happier. The bowel movements increased also. The first 30 days were when most of the changes within my mental - emotional - physical bodies were noticed. I also included the probiotics as recommended by this cleanse. I am no longer so intolerant of gluten. I still do not eat very much gluten but at least I can eat it now after this cleanse when I am having lunch with friends. I highly recommend this cleanse.

  • oops, put that in the wrong place  |  (Posted on 9/3/11)

    Review by confused

    Out of 5

    i meant to place that prior comment in the Bowel Cleanse product comment area, sorry, not this metal cleanse area.

  • directions woefully lacking  |  (Posted on 9/3/11)

    Review by confused

    Out of 5

    It is impossible to tell how many days they recommend one take this product because the directions are lacking. And coming to the website reveals no clues on directions either. And no one answers the phone, so I give up. I called from the health food store while buying it but this place had decided to go home early both the last two days I tried calling. I can't give it a rating worth anything because I can't tell anything about how long to use the product so am without the info I need to use it.

  • Relief !!!  |  (Posted on 12/8/10)

    Review by Annie

    Out of 5

    I had heavy periods and felt real tired and almost sick, after completing the Heavy Metal
    Cleanse all symptoms went away. I figured my body was trying to get rid of the toxins.

  • Sick of being sick...  |  (Posted on 9/2/10)

    Review by andyze

    Out of 5

    About three years ago I was getting sick every other week. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me and was getting worried because as more time passed I would get sick more frequently. I started reading on the internet about what could be wrong and one of the causes was said to be heavy metal poisoning. I didn't know anything about it, but went to the local herb store and asked them. They showed me the Renew Life Heavy Metal Cleanse. I thought it was going to be a waste of money because it was a herbal supplement. Not, "real medicine" or so I thought. Well, I decided to try it anyway and now three years later I haven't been sick but once or twice. Like normal people, so it obviously did something right! Thank you for the great product!

  • Great Products  |  (Posted on 5/13/10)

    Review by Jean

    Out of 5

    I have worked in a health store and have studied natural products for over 20 years. Renew Life has a handle as to what is needed to help persons who are having problems with constipation, digestion, etc. I believe in the products, especially Cleanse Smart, Fiber Smart, Heavy Metal Cleanse, and IntestiNEW. Because of the formulations used, people CAN lead a happier, healthier life.

  • Thank you from the depth of my heart  |  (Posted on 5/11/10)

    Review by Andrew

    Out of 5

    After 15 years of Panic/Anxiety Disorder, an internal medicine specialist determined I was a victim of a "toxic event". I redirected my research accordingly and discovered information on chronic mercury toxicity. A woman at my local health food store pointed me to Renew Life's Heavy Metal cleanse. I began the cleanse and felt an improvement in the first few days. I began to feel a calm and peace that was so profound I had to stop and take notice of it. I discovered that all of the nagging symptoms, physical and mental, that had been nagging me for 15 years were gone. Completely gone.

  • Subtle but good improvement  |  (Posted on 5/10/10)

    Review by Kathy

    Out of 5

    After using the Heavy Metal Cleanse I experienced the following: improved skin and complexion; better kidney function (no longer have to get up during the night); improved mood - feel all-over better in a subtle way.

  • totally amazing  |  (Posted on 5/7/10)

    Review by bubblgumgloss

    Out of 5

    I have been on a quest to find something to relieve my asthma symptoms for a couple of years and just by accident I discovered that the Heavy Metal Cleanse helped my breathing! Which is totally amazing because I have tried every herb and homeopathic remedy out there. I have done several CleanseSmarts and had good results but my breathing was still really wheezy and labored. I could not believe that after day 1 on the heavy metal cleanse, I wasn't puffing on my inhaler as often, and I still only take it maybe 3X per day when I was puffing on an inhaler every hour and through the night too! Thought you guys should know about that!

  • Thanks for your wonderful products  |  (Posted on 5/7/10)

    Review by Jackie K

    Out of 5

    After years of battling chronic Lyme Disease, I had recently had a computerized health screening to determine my state of health. Everything seemed to come back clear except for a high amount of tin in my system that seemed to be there since childhood. To be honest, the heavy metal issue I did not take seriously since I was battling chronic Lyme Disease and felt like I needed to tackle one thing at a time. As my health increased while working with a holistic practitioner, she recommended Heavy Metal Cleanse. She said I would probably need two boxes. By the end of my first box, I had heard things I never heard before. I was at the library with my children and actually heard the scanner beep when it scanned the bar codes on the books!

  • Overwhelmed with joy!  |  (Posted on 2/10/10)

    Review by Geraldine

    Out of 5

    I have suffered from severe osteoarthritis in my right hip for several years. Recently I consulted with a doctor and he felt that a hip replacement was inevitable.
    Now last year I had extensive dental work done and thus I no longer have amalgam fillings. I acquired a few titanium implants and for this reason I waited to embark on a Heavy Metal Cleanse. Then 3 days ago I started with your fantastic formula and my hip feels more mobile and my pain has become a mere twinge. I am overwhelmed with joy. For a long time I have suspected that heavy metals might be a consderable factor in my hip dilemma.

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