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Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion

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Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion
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America’s #1 High-Potency Probiotic! High-Bifido Daily Support

  • Relieves Digestive Discomfort‡
  • Restores Digestive Balance‡
  • Promotes Digestive Health, Regularity and Immune Health‡
  • Delayed Release Capsules Resist Stomach Acid
  • Dairy and Gluten Free
  • Potency Guarantee

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An Extra-Strength Probiotic for those with Troublesome Digestive Tracts.‡

  • 50 billion live cultures
  • 10 beneficial probiotic strains
  • High Bifido formula
  • Delayed-release vegetable capsules designed to resist stomach acid
  • Potency guaranteed until expiration†
  • Dairy and gluten free
  • Fresh-Assure Blue Glass Bottles

Why Probiotics?
Age, poor diet and stress can deplete our bodies of billions of good bacteria, which can lead to digestive upsets such as occasional constipation, gas and bloating. Probiotics are the healthy cultures or “friendly bacteria” inside us that help us digest and produce nutrients, restore digestive balance, and support our immune system.‡

The Critical Care 50 Billion Difference
Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion is formulated for people with troublesome digestive tracts who experience occasional constipation, gas and bloating, or digestive discomfort.‡ It is designed to support the probiotic balance in both the small and large intestines.

Each capsule contains 30 billion live Bifidobacteria, the primary beneficial bacteria found in the healthy large intestine, and 20 billion live Lactobacillus, most prevalent in the healthy small intestine.‡

Is Critical Care 50 Billion for You?
Do you have occasional constipation? ‡
Do you experience occasional gas and bloating, or digestive discomfort?‡
Are you looking for a high Bifido probiotic formula?

If your answer is yes to one or more of these questions, Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion may be a good choice for you.

Why Ultimate Flora Probiotics?
Ultimate Flora is America’s #1 High-Potency Probiotic. Each capsule contains 10 different strains of beneficial probiotics (Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli). Some other brands contain only Bifido or only Lacto. Since you have many strains of probiotics in your intestinal tract, more strains may be better.‡ Ultimate Flora high-potency probiotics promote good digestive health with more live cultures and more probiotic strains in each small capsule.‡

† Ultimate Flora Critical Care is formulated to provide 50 billion live cultures per capsule at time of consumption if prior to expiration under recommended storage conditions. Storage and handling conditions may vary and may affect the total amount of cultures delivered at consumption.

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Customer Reviews

  • Still Good, High $$$$  |  (Posted on 3/18/15)

    Review by JDD

    Out of 5

    This product saved my immune system back in 2011. I still order it, but not as much now because of the price, which I think is too high. Still, it does work for me.

  • Good for the price  |  (Posted on 3/16/15)

    Review by Lena

    Out of 5

    These were pretty good considering they're only about 20 bucks for a two-week supply. These are my go-to probiotics when I don't have to take something quite as strong. High potency (but not too high). They really work. You won't be sorry about your purchase!

  • Superb results  |  (Posted on 3/9/15)

    Review by Marzena

    Out of 5

    So I have just ordered 2 of these for myself and my boyfriend. I have bought this before and loved the results. Stick to low carbs and no sugars + no acidic drinks (coffee, sodas, teas), and keep your protein intake up, and this product really helps. I love Renew Life products and truly recommend this.

  • Won't be without!  |  (Posted on 3/3/15)

    Review by Tilly

    Out of 5

    I've had issues before and after having my gallbladder out. I have also had constipation issues for years. Since I started taking Ultimate Flora 50 Billion, I have been regular. I can definitely tell if I let myself run out and don't take it for a week - I don't let that happen anymore.

  • love this product  |  (Posted on 2/5/15)

    Review by cb

    Out of 5

    best probiotic! more mentally aware. less bloating. highly recommended

  • positive change   |  (Posted on 1/15/15)

    Review by christel

    Out of 5

    My daughter takes this product because she was constantly sick and tired. After being on the probiotic for a month we noticed that she was doing much better. Thanks for providing such a great product. We love it!

  • ABSOLUTELY LIFE CHANGING  |  (Posted on 12/15/14)

    Review by Ace

    Out of 5

    I am a 23 year old female and had IBS for all my life!!! At times not going to the bathroom for more than two weeks! (Very painful and abnormal!!) I have tried everything to laxatives, enemas, even colon cleansing and at times after taking them.. NOTHING. My friend recommended to me this amazing product and just like that after the second day taking it I am going regularly !!! If not everyday every other day for sure which is something that I couldn't even fathom before. I will be a lifetime member. So happy !

  • I am seeing some results and am going to keep taking prebiotic.  |  (Posted on 11/26/14)

    Review by Erica

    Out of 5

    I just finished a months worth of prebiotics. I am seeing results like less gas and stomach aches. I haven't been taking them very long. I got a cold and had to go on antibiotics recently so I'm glad I had bought the critical care prebiotics. I am going to keep using them and have just bought Flora baby for my 12 month old.

  • NOT effective   |  (Posted on 11/25/14)

    Review by Tiecha

    Out of 5

    As the owner of a health food store, I have guided countless towards these probiotics because they worked. Over the past two years I find they are NOT as effective. Has anyone else noticed this?
    Hopefully more customers will contact you and demand the quality product you once provided over two years ago

  • Life ReNewing 5 Stars  |  (Posted on 11/14/14)

    Review by Kim

    Out of 5

    At age 48, I have experienced issues with my gut, digestive track all my life. I have survived 12 operations colon rectal. Thankfully, Cancer was not detected. 12 yrs surgery free, and yet have I ever in my adult life known what feeling good is? 2012-2013 I went Gluten Free in my diet, no cheating. As I was willing to try anything to " feel better". I came away realizing, yes, I am wheat sensitive, I am however not gluten intolerant. I gained weight within going Gluten free, my learning, this diet made me feel worse not better. Broke too, to add, as going Gluten Free is costly.

    Present day, I am a New Person. I've been taking ReNew Probiotics on and off for a few years for digestive disruptions. The Critical Colon Care 80 to put me back together. I wasn't however taking them daily.

    In July 2014, I began taking daily what I had in my fridge, the remaining Critical Colon Care 80, then I finished off what was left of my ReNew 50 Billion Critical Care. In one weeks time I could feel all positive reactions being stimulated in my body. I continued with the 50 Billion, buying another bottle. I finished the 30 count. I went back to the 80 Billion, days ago.

    Since July 20, 2014, to present day November 14, 2014, I have lost 20lbs, literally the weight has fallen off. I no longer have cravings of endless eating, my body feeling starved. My appetite has balance. I no longer experience " sugar crashes". My bowels are no longer controlling me. I am finally for once in control of my body. I have " Energy" that I have not felt since my early 20's. My experience is now I know that my gut was a literal war zone, that it was so unhealthy it affected my entire being. No Longer am I at war. I am healing and rebuilding from the inside out.

    Another example: Today viewing my fingernails. My right hand pointer finger " nail" was severely damaged when I was 5 yrs old. The injury to create a permanent white stripe, and separation of the tip of my nail. The nail to grow " split" for my entire life it's been deformed.

    Since taking " daily" the ReNew Probiotics, I noticed today, my finger nail has repaired itself. The stripe is gone, the nail is not split at the top. My color of my nail bed, Pink and healthy instead of foggy white. Right there is testimony of, I thought a never possible.

    I ran out of my pills and was without them for 4 days, and MAN did I feel it, I felt off.
    It's for what I need, my body is so reciprocating, and it's only been since July.
    I have seen persons recently who have not seen me in a few months. They are " WOW"
    did you find the Fountain of YOUTH? answer: Yes, ReNew Probiotics. I refer them to EVERYONE.

    I feel like a Teenager. I know now how it feels " to Feel great" Thank you, Thank you.
    Anyone who is about to give up, DON'T. I cannot say enough of the positive results, Life Saving, is yes, ReNew Probiotics.

  • Loyal   |  (Posted on 11/12/14)

    Review by Susie

    Out of 5

    I've been purchasing your Product at our Pharmacy, it's the best purchase that I've ever made...I'm am sooo happy, they keep it on their shelves, and refrigerator..it's an awesome product..

  • I feel great  |  (Posted on 11/6/14)

    Review by Donald

    Out of 5

    I recently started using your Ultimate Flora Critical Care probiotic strains in the 50 billion cultures per capsule and immediately noticed a tremendous difference in the way I feel! After several years of dealing with digestive problems I finally decided to give probiotics a try. Your product is the ONLY one that has helped me maintain a noticeable digestive balance. I feel great and can't thank you enough for producing a superior product.

  • SECOND TO NONE  |  (Posted on 10/15/14)

    Review by Jason

    Out of 5

    With so many probiotic products it is hard to find the right one. I have my family on this product and we have all notice benefits since we have begun taking this product. My family history has come with a lot of GI issues that I inherited myself. Since taking this product I have felt less irritated. Great buy!!! You can not go wrong with this!

  • Great Product! Really Helps!  |  (Posted on 10/14/14)

    Review by HPotterFan3000

    Out of 5

    I have suffered from IBS for 6 years and I started taking this product 2 weeks ago and BOY, HAS IT MADE A DIFFERENCE! I used to have a lot of abdominal discomfort and bloating due to my IBS. I now feel great and can be more active than I used to! I recommended this product to a few of my friends with IBS and they took my advice and they told me it has helped them also! I highly recommend this product to all IBS sufferers and to people who just want to increase the amount of good bacteria in their gut! I used to take 5 Billion Probiotics (They were a different brand.) and they didn't help hardly at all, but when I switched to RenewLife Ultimate Flora 50 Billion Probiotics, I felt a lot less bloated and I had so much less bowel pain! THANK YOU RENEWLIFE FOR THIS PRODUCT! I only hope it stays on the market for years to come! This truly is a WONDERFUL PRODUCT FOR IBS SUFFERERS!

  • great product, ridiculous price  |  (Posted on 10/12/14)

    Review by T

    Out of 5

    This is a great product but your pricing is ridiculous.

  • Thank You Renew Life!  |  (Posted on 10/8/14)

    Review by Heather

    Out of 5

    Renew Life products are very good. I have found that taking their suppliments improves my over all health. My gut loves their digestive health products!

  • Great product that works!  |  (Posted on 9/21/14)

    Review by Stacie

    Out of 5

    Critical Care is the probiotic I take and I love it! Wonderful product!

  • Best Product!  |  (Posted on 9/20/14)

    Review by Ashley

    Out of 5

    After suffering with IBS symptoms for about a year I decided to give Ultimate Flora Critical Care a try. Over the past few months it has completely rid of all my symptoms and stomach discomforts. I don't even think about what I'm eating because I rarely feel bothered anymore. Really a miracle pill. I'd like to thank renew life for creating this product!

  • Best Product Ever  |  (Posted on 9/12/14)

    Review by TallRed

    Out of 5

    I have the worst "stomach" in the world ~ at least in my opinion! I have tried some of the probiotics that can be bought in the drugs stores, but they do not compare to this! I am lactose intolerant, as well as not able to eat eggs after a bout of C-dif from an antibiotic that was not to my digestive tract's "liking", so now I am VERY sensitive to just about everything. My daughter is a nurse and did some research and suggested your product. It has done wonders for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  • Can't say enough good things about Ultimate Flora.  |  (Posted on 8/8/14)

    Review by martin

    Out of 5

    I've been taking this product for several years now. It's the best probiotic I have ever tried. I have several GI problems but Ultimate Flora keeps it all under control. Whenever I have to take antibiotics I always double-up on the Ultimate Flora. It is a permanent part of my health program.

  • Love it  |  (Posted on 7/18/14)

    Review by Lauren

    Out of 5

    I'm on my second bottle of Critical Care, and I love it. It's the best probiotic supplement I've ever tried. For the first time for as long as I can remember, I am not gassy and I'm regular. Absolutely love it.

  • Great probiotic  |  (Posted on 7/15/14)

    Review by ANALISA

    Out of 5

    This really helps my digestive system out. I definitely notice a difference if I forget to take it. Thanks!!

  • Wonderful product  |  (Posted on 7/8/14)

    Review by G

    Out of 5

    I recently tackled systemic candidiasis (a.k.a. candida overgrowth syndrome). This was the perfect item to add to my supplement regimen. Note: If you are taking an anti fungal, make sure to wait 2 hours before taking the probiotic.

  • amazing!  |  (Posted on 5/30/14)

    Review by Mula

    Out of 5

    This product works wonders on your digestive system. I took them before and after I had to take antibiotics and didn't experience any negative side effect that I would normally experience when taking antibiotics. These probiotics were a life saver! Definitely recommend.

  • Not Enough  |  (Posted on 5/7/14)

    Review by Petcaretoyshop

    Out of 5

    I need the 90 billion and 100 billion probiotic. I started with this one and then advanced to the increased ones when they became available.

  • how good it works  |  (Posted on 3/22/14)

    Review by jonahboy

    Out of 5

    i started on critical care 50 billion and it works!!!!!!!!!! i have only been taking it 2 weeks but i feel such a difference. i suffer from chronic constipation and since taking this probiotic feel so much better. thanks so much for giving me back me...

  • True probiotic value  |  (Posted on 10/28/13)

    Review by GregP507

    Out of 5

    It's very difficult to separate the hype from the true value with a product like this. I didn't want to waste my money on a poor probiotic, so I did a fair amount of research beforehand. My first filter was built on the assumption that a quality product would not need to resort to pitchman hype to sell their product, therefore I eliminated any product which seemed to be marketed in that way. Secondly, manufacturer claims are difficult to weigh, therefore I focused on consumer reviews, which appeared to be compiled in a fair and unfiltered way.

    I gambled on this product, buying it from a store which kept it refrigerated. I understand that high temperatures only reduce the percentage of live bacteria, and don't kill it outright, however, I wouldn't want to have this product shipped direct, because there's no telling whether it was sitting in the back of a hot truck over a weekend or not.

    It seems to work quite well, restoring my stomach to what feels like normal operation, after a bout of antibiotic treatment, which tended to leave my digestive tract fairly sterile. I would recommend this product, based on my own experience, and the many positive reviews it has received.

  • question  |  (Posted on 10/24/13)

    Review by sunny

    Out of 5

    Does this product need to be refrigerated? I am confused about when to take it. On the bottle it says 2 hours after a meal. On this website it says to take with a meal?? Thank you.

    MODERATOR NOTE: The product doesn't HAVE to be refrigerated to maintain potency, but it is a good way to keep unwanted moisture out of the pills.

  • I feel great.  |  (Posted on 9/10/13)

    Review by Shirley

    Out of 5

    The doctor prescribed Omeprazole for a bleeding ulcer. I took it for a couple months, then I told the doctor, I refuse to take it any longer because it upset my bowel pattern. I had loose stools frequently.

    He wanted to do a colonoscopy again. The doctor asked me to list the time of day or night I had a bowel movement. I had trouble making the trip from my bed to the bathroom, and had to wish out my clothes because I didn't make it.

    After taking the test, I had diarrhea 27 times a day. It went 24\7 and I could not go to church or visit other people, I had to stop volunteering at the Hospital (I was a snuggler of the babies in the heart unit) where I had been doing it for 13 years - ever since I retired. I love doing the volunteer work, and it broke my heart that I could not do it any more.
    A friend told me I should take some probiotics from the health foods store. So I went to the health food store and the expert there told me that this Ultimate Flora is what I should take daily - even if I was not having runny stools. This was GOOD bacteria and our bodies needed this daily.
    I took this twice a day for a week. That did it, the times I went to the bathroom moved from 27 x a day down to 4 times a day. I felt so much better. I felt good. The doctors took every test available to try to find out what was wrong. All test came out negative. If nothing was wrong, why was I so sick and going to the bathroom so often? They had no answer and gave no direction as what to do. Thanks to the health food store and Ultimate Flora Critical Care Probiotic, I feel great. Thank you so very much. I tell everyone that ask me about Probiotics, it works for me.

  • Best probiotics ever!  |  (Posted on 9/2/13)

    Review by Deb. F

    Out of 5

    I take these and have taken the 80 billion one, too, due to the need for long term antibiotics for chronic Lyme. They are a godsend. For anyone who felt this didn't help their bloating...you might have a food allergy or a gluten intolerance. Consider getting screened by a good gastroenterologist.

  • works for uc  |  (Posted on 9/1/13)

    Review by dw

    Out of 5

    like some others in this thread I have uc. I have started taking it and I am having fantastic results. I recommend that anyone with uc or ibs gives this product a try

  • 13 years of IBS and finally relief  |  (Posted on 8/16/13)

    Review by Natalie

    Out of 5

    I have suffered with IBS for the last thirteen years. I have always refused prescription medicine and relied on exercise, diet, and stress management to control my symptoms as much as possible. Five weeks ago, I began taking Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 billion. Some nights I go to bed and realize I went the ENTIRE day without thinking about my stomach! I actually have to remind myself that I'm NOT thinking about how bad I feel. The reviews on this product bring tears to my eyes because it is bringing so much relief to so many people. It's hard to express how this product has changed my life. All I can say, is THANK YOU! I'm the biggest skeptic there is. This product is real...and it does work!

  • Changed my life  |  (Posted on 8/16/13)

    Review by Marcia

    Out of 5

    first of all i would like to thank you for a superior product that i believe has changed my life!!
    here is my story;
    11 months ago i was diagnosed in the e.r. with divurticulitis of the upper colon, of which i was told by 3 doctors was a rare spot to have it. i was hospitalized for 3 days on only a sugar/saline and antibiotics i.v.'s and could not even drink water or have ice chips. 2 days after being released i stumbled upon brenda watson on pbs and the 2 hour show about probiotics. i had also been suffering from chronic hives off and on for about 2 years which also sent me to the e.r. a year earlier!! i also have other autoimmune issues of hypothyroid and vitiligo.
    everything that brenda was talking about made so much sense. i never realized that most of my issues could be caused by gut problems!
    since that day in the hospital and upon taking the ultimate flora 50 billion each day my hives have never returned and after having a colonoscopy/endoscopy, 3 months ago, the results showed absolutely no divurticulosis or anything at all!!
    I truly believe this is the result of your product as well as a paleo type anti-inflammatory diet. i have been referring friends to your site to start taking probiotics!!

  • Seems to be working  |  (Posted on 8/8/13)

    Review by She

    Out of 5

    Had had major abdominal surgery that left me with multiple digestive issues. Started this and first noticed my feet and legs were not sore. I am still having stomach issues and probably always will,but I have noticed my abdomen is not as sore as it was. Have recommended it to others.

  • Excellent  |  (Posted on 8/2/13)

    Review by Sunie

    Out of 5

    In the last 5 years I had stomache issues on and off, some related to chronic stress, some due to bad bacteria and constant spicy food instake, 1-2 UTI yearly, bloating, gas, and stomache bugs. I had acid reflex for years and even recently a fisure with some blood in stool plus a bacteria stomache bug. I eat very healthy fruits, veggies, meats, less fats and minimal processed foods. Dr. Ozz talked about probiotics and specifically the ones in this product and count this product contains as vital to help daily regemine. While I had the bacterial stomach infection I went out and bought this and started taking it. I cannot eat greek yogurt every day so this was easier to do. Since then my stomach bug went away which one could say it just ran its course but truthfully my digestive tract is stronger I can feel it. No more bloatings I now have quite regular bowel movements. I feel like this has been a miracle cure for me. I was increasing my fiber intake with veggies higher and even that was not as effective as taking this pill every day as a regimen.

  • Incredible product  |  (Posted on 7/16/13)

    Review by Rie

    Out of 5

    After suffering from IBS for many years I read about the benefit of probiotics. I went to my local health food store and inquired about which type was best for my symptoms. A very knowledgeable employee directed me to critical care 50 billion. After taking it daily for a couple of weeks my symptoms of severe bloating completely resolved. I can even eat some of the foods I had eliminated from my diet. It has truly been life changing and I will continue taking this for the rest of my life. I highly recommend it for anyone with digestive issues. A healthy diet ( I eat no processed foods or anything with preservatives, artificial colors or flavors), a lot of water and my daily probiotic have made me feel fantastic!

  • Great product  |  (Posted on 7/2/13)

    Review by Jessica

    Out of 5

    My daughter, who is 14, stated having skin problems. The sores hurt and itched her. I did not know what to do so I brought her to a dermatologist. He also could not figure out why she was breaking out. He ran blood work, did a skin biopsy and still no answers. So after all the tests he says there is anew thing that we could try. He tells me she would have to have blood work drawn every month to check her liver. I right away was thinking no. Then he told me what he wanted to put her on I was absolutely no! He wanted to put her on a very low dose of chemo.
    She would not have lost her hair or got sick. But to worry about her liver, I refused!! I, then frustrated and feeling helpless, turned to my local city market co-op. I asked them what could help my daughters skin? They explained how bacteria starts within our bodies and coume out through our skin. And they recommended Ultimate flora. My daughter was so ready to try something. Within a week her skin improved. We absolutely love this product!! It helped my daughter regain her self confidence!! I want to thank you for having such a great product!! Thank you.
    Also great customer service department!! I am recommending this product to others!! All great!! Much appreciated!!

  • Excellent for folks with UC  |  (Posted on 6/16/13)

    Review by Paula

    Out of 5

    I have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis for over 5 years. I have not been on steroids but have been on Asacol and Mercaptopurine, neither of which suppressed or helped my symptoms. I started this product about 3 weeks ago and after one week I was seeing wonderful results. I now can eat foods without worrying about how far away the next bathroom is. I have a few constipation issues about every 3 days but am going to start a mild laxative to help with that and see how it goes. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has been diagnosed with UC. I as eat one Activia yogurt every morning. Thank you ReNew Life -- you definitey have "renewed" my life. Now is off to travel and fun.

  • Even with UC I have my life back!!!  |  (Posted on 6/6/13)

    Review by Paula

    Out of 5

    I was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis a little over 5 years ago. I first was on a regimen of Asacol and that did not do the trick. Then Mercaptapurine (actually a chemo drug) was prescribed (still staying on the Asacol) and I built up to 75 mg. per day; however it then started attacking my blood levels, so down to 50 mg. a day and after a month still bad blood levels, so down to 25 mg. Back in November 2012 I actually forgot to take my medications for a few days in a row and started feeling somewhat better. However, after a week or two the flare-ups came back but just about the same off the medication as they were on the medication.

    So since January I have just been dealing with it; but having retired about a year ago I have two quite nice vacations planned for this year (I have traveled in the past but now I have the freedom of not worrying about work to schedule them around) and was actually dreading it, wondering how I would find bathrooms, etc. not to mention foods in Italy! I then saw an advertisement for this product and with the kind help of Sandi Murphy, Assistant Director of Consumer Services, we determined this product would be the best for me -- perhaps going down to the 30 Billion Senior Formula after my UC is under control.

    Well, I say all of that to say this -- I received my order a week ago today. I immediately took the first capsule. The next morning I took the next capsule; I felt fairly good but then started having what I would term as a "cleansing effect" -- severe cramping and diarrhea of sorts (sorry to be graphic). But then after researching online I found there is a die-off syndrome of sorts and that was the bad bacteria getting out of my system.

    I have only had one other difficult morning and that was my own fault as I ate some food the day before that I knew I should not have, but I did. Live and learn, that is for sure. But now I get up in the mornings and do not have to worry about symptoms keeping me a prisoner in my own home -- if I have things to do I can actually schedule them in the mornings before the Arizona temps hit triple digits!!!

    I do not know if I will go down to the senior 30 billion or not -- this is working so well I hesitate to do that. It is such a relief to know that if I eat sensibly and eat small meals, keep hydrated and just plain "be smart in how I eat" I can enjoy everything I want. This is such a relief. Thank you does not come near to expressing my sentiments.

    The only thing I would suggest is that the labeling on the packaging be made bigger where it says "Best if kept refrigerated". I did not realize that and until the second day did not refrigerate. I now take my capsule in the evenings and things are going great!

    I would HIGHLY suggest anyone with UC give this a try. Amazing how insurance companies will pay the money they do for Rx and not for OTCs that really work for most people.

  • Dairy again!  |  (Posted on 5/17/13)

    Review by Megh

    Out of 5

    I've been dealing with IBS since I was ten--and as part of that, had stopped eating dairy for over ten years. Now, I've been taking these probiotics for several months and after only one month tentatively tried to reintroduce dairy into my life. I started with aged cheddar (less lactose) and lactose-free milk. And now? I occasionally have ice cream! Real, honest to god ice cream, with only minor gas that seems usual. I very very rarely have what I call my IBS attacks. They used to occur weekly. I am overall less bloated, and enjoy a completely unrestricted diet! Cheese! Ice cream! Did I mention cheese and ice cream?? Wish the price could be lowered, but I will probably be taking this for life.

  • Miracle  |  (Posted on 3/26/13)

    Review by Sissie

    Out of 5

    I just started 50 billion floral, and after a week I feel a miracle happened to me. As long as i remember I have had big trouble with my IBS. My social life was nil. I was to afraid of going anywhere as I would have massive attacks, and many times not make it to a bathroom. I would spend most of my time home alone and depression set in. One day my sister told me she heard about this product and took me to a health store. I purchased this product and lord and behold miracle do happen. Thank you, thank you, I think there may be hope for me to live a happier life. God Bless you for this product and keep informing people about it, so they can get the same relief as I am.

  • MAGIC  |  (Posted on 3/19/13)

    Review by TastingFreedom

    Out of 5

    I'm a university student and expirience gurgling noise (due to gas roaming in my guts, mostly in lower intestines). I usually feel bloated all day and always have my subconcious keeping me nervous in case my stomach got acting weird. That being said I've been to ALOT of embarrassing moments. I've become suicidal. This product changed that after 3 hours of taking this (gruesome details in that three hours wont be posted). Well of course, that and a mix of some restrictive diet. I went back to my old diet and i'm now cure. Thanks to science, and thanks to this company.

  • Great Product!  |  (Posted on 1/4/13)

    Review by LynnRL

    Out of 5

    After a particularly nasty and long-lasting stomach virus that kept me on Pepto Bismol for a number of days, I was completely stopped-up (sorry to be so graphic, but don't know any nicer way of putting it), and my stomach was so bloated that I looked like I was 3-4 months pregnant. A friend of mine suggested probiotics, and a web search yielded Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion as the best product for constipation. Since I couldn't wait even one day for a mail order shipment to arrive,, I bought it at a local chain vitamin store. Within 24 hours of my first dose, I was already feeling better and the swelling of my belly had gone done. Within 3-4 days, everything was back to normal. I've been taking it daily ever since. I had my annual physical this week and asked my doctor how long I could stay on this, and he answered, "Forever, if you'd like. Probiotics are wonderful!" I just bought my second bottle and will continue with it.

    One word about refrigeration that I learned today: When I bought the first bottle at my local retailer, I found them in a refrigerated case. Today, they were in the same case, but the refrigeration wasn't turned on and they were at room temperature. I called Renew Life from my car and asked about this, and they told me that providing the store is kept cool, it should be okay. It's also important to make sure that the expiration date is a year or more away. They also told me that these aren't shipped to the stores in dry ice or refrigerated in any way, so don't be alarmed if you don't find them in a refrigerated case at your retailer. They are probably still fine. DO refrigerate as soon as you get home, however!

  • Saved my Mother's Life  |  (Posted on 12/4/12)

    Review by Margi B

    Out of 5

    My Mother who is 81 years old, had to have her left leg amputated Jan 2012. While in the hospital she cotnracted C Diff and was deathly ill. C Diff is life threatening for a woman her age. I went to our local health food store and this is the product that the man recommended we start our Mom on. Within days 3 days, she was looking better, feeling better and the diarhhea was subsiding. Within a week she was back to normal. It is now December 2012 and my mother gets this probiotic every day. She is like a new person. Her immune system is stronger which helped heal her wound from the amputation, she has not had any recurring UTI's and has returned to her senior's program. Something we never ever thought she would be able to do again. The doctors and nurse's had written my Mother off and figured that she was going to die. Boy are they surprised and shocked when they see how amazing she looks and how great she is doing, Our family would have lost our Mother if we hadn't put her on these probiotics - they literally saved her life and for that we are forever grateful. She still gets them every day and will for the rest of her life! Thank you for making this wonderful product- if there was 10 stars I would give it a 10 !

  • life changing  |  (Posted on 10/9/12)

    Review by average girl

    Out of 5

    Doctors out there: be good to your patients and tell them about probioics
    Patients out there: always do your own research

    This is an amazig product!

  • Thank you!  |  (Posted on 9/19/12)

    Review by Suffer no more

    Out of 5

    I have suffered greatly with IBS and this is not a good thing to have when working as a flight attendant.
    A friend of mine told me about your product and it is life changing. I cannot thank you enough as I was on the verge of quitting my job because of how miserable I always felt.
    I have lost some weight and am enjoying life again. I can actually go to the store and not have to worry about finding a bathroom.
    Again, thank you for giving me my life back..

  • amazing product  |  (Posted on 8/27/12)

    Review by wendi

    Out of 5

    before taking this i use to be in the hospital every year for catching someones common cold and it being the flu in no time. i swear by this product and have been healthy for the past few years, feel as if i have a walking shield around me. besides keeping me from getting sick, it does wonders on my digestive system.

  • I am living a normal life  |  (Posted on 8/24/12)

    Review by Craig

    Out of 5

    I have been suffering with ulcerative colitis for 5-1/2 years and it has literally made me a shut-in. In my case the condition was so severe that even my gastroenterologist has been at a loss as to how to control this disease. His next choice for medication was to have me take chemo drugs which could likely have caused serious damage to my liver and other organs and I regularly had to be tested to see if such damage was happening.

    My wife has bee suggesting for years that I try large doses of probiotics and finally, in the worst shape I had ever been, I gave in and tried your Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion. By the 2nd day I noticed a dramatic change in my discomfort level and by the 3rd day I was able to go out for literally the whole day without the need to be near a bathroom. Apparently, your product had a profound effect on bad bacteria which had plagued me for years and it was already changing the balance in my system.

    I am approaching my 10th day and clearly your product has made the difference as I am living a normal life I have not known in all of the years. No other supplements or drugs are being used to the only thing I can attribute the gains to would be your probiotics. I take them religiously every day because I have not intention of going backwards and I am convinced that without your product I would still be in terrible shape and suffering with pain and discomfort.

    Thank you and I do hope that others who live with colitis or irritable bowel syndrome will fiber your product a try.

  • GREAT Product!  |  (Posted on 7/30/12)

    Review by Kelly

    Out of 5

    This is such a great product!! I LOVE it! I have the occasional problems with bowel movements, however my biggest concern was bloating. After about a week of taking these, I felt amazing and had my nice flat stomach back. I stopped taking them because I forgot to re-order and I feel awful....just like I did before I started them. It's obviously clear that there is lots of bad bacteria that needs to get out of my system. I can't wait until my next shipment comes now.

  • MD nearly killed by C.difficile  |  (Posted on 7/25/12)

    Review by John

    Out of 5

    After a short course of antibiotics I found myself infected with Closridium dificile that was so severe I ended up in CCU with life threatening cardiac arythmias and a severely damaged colon.1 week and $40,000 later I left the hospital on strong antibiotics but still had relapses of this terrible bacteria and its toxic poisons I am a Physician and have known of people who even required surgery and a colostomy bag.I feared the day might come when the bacteria would become resistant to treatment.Thank God one of my patients told me of your products.Other Probiotics had already failed me.Your product over a period of 2 weeks returned my colon to normal.I stopped losing potassium and magnesium and my health improved.Your product is worth every penny.The antibiotics that fight this infection are $2000/month.Spores of the bacteria are left behind ready to cause relapse.Restoring normal healthy bacteria is the only longterm solution.I have told patients,other doctors and my gastroenterologist about your products.They have worked where others failed.My only complaint is a healthcare system that will pay 1000s for antibiotics and hospitals but not $1/day for a natural cure.

  • I will take this product forever.  |  (Posted on 6/19/12)

    Review by Alex

    Out of 5

    I was introduced to the product through the recommendation of a registered nurse friend of mine. I was on a very strong antibiotic after contracting an infection. I was feeling terrible from the doses of antibiotic and started taking Ultimate Flora and within days, I felt back to normal. Not only did I feel better physically, but my depression ceased and I had a brighter outlook on life from feeling back to normal. I am on my way to losing 50 lbs, and am almost halfway there. Thank you so much for an unbelievable product and I have recommended it to my family and close friends. I will take this product forever.

  • So far so good!  |  (Posted on 5/11/12)

    Review by jake

    Out of 5

    52 years old and have had issues with my digestive system since my teenage years. Biggest problem right now is bloating and lots of gas. I took my first treatment yesterday and within hours felt relief. Could this be the cure I've been looking for? The following weeks will prove this to be true or not. Hoping and praying that it is!

  • It works. Try it!  |  (Posted on 5/9/12)

    Review by Alex

    Out of 5

    I have been on a potent pain medication for the last 6 months. And anyone knows the main side effect is constipation. I tried over 30 probiotics and no relief and spent a lot of money until I came across Renew Life's 50 Billion Critical Care. It worked within a few days. It is amazing, a little pricey but worth every penny. I highly endorse and recommend this product "It works. Try it!"

  • Great Stuff!!  |  (Posted on 3/21/12)

    Review by Suzze

    Out of 5

    After taking antibiotics and developing a yeast infection which was resilient to OTC products I was searching for other alternatives .. Homepathic treatments.... Starting taking some drugstore probiotics with limited success. I switched to Ulitmate Flora - Crictical Care. I took two pills a day for the first three days (you can't overdose on probiotics) and since then have been taking the advised dose of one pill per day. The yeast infection has cleared up and I'm amazed with this product.

    Why do the doctors not recomment this stuff instead of OTC products and feeding the drug companies more money.

    Two thumbs up for Ulitmate Flora.!!!!!

  • My life saver!  |  (Posted on 3/17/12)

    Review by Julie

    Out of 5

    At the age of 25 I never thought I would start having so many digestive issues but constipation, irregularity and bloating as well as heartburn became part of my normal routine. I try to use only natural products but my doctor was quick to prescribe Prilosec for my GERD symptoms. After research on the product I stopped taking it and looked towards probiotics. I was reccomended to try 30-50 billion and so far it has cured everything. I still eat healthy but I can enjoy coffee that used to upset me. I have finished my first bottle of this stuff and it is a miracle, not cheap though since I purchased it at Whole Foods for $38...I reccomend this product to anyone looking for an all natural alternative!!

  • A product that actually does what it claims!  |  (Posted on 3/7/12)

    Review by redhead

    Out of 5

    The subject line sums it all up. Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion is the first and only product I have tried over the past 20 years to actually do what the product claims. For years I have suffered with IBS and constipation with agony and no matter how much fiber, fruits and veggies I would eat nothing would work. Frequently resorting to processed and natural supplements to bring relief, but even that was short lived. The product worked the very first time consumed, I feel better, my skin is clearing up and I have more energy! Thank you so much for such a great product!

  • Lifesaver for vegan convert  |  (Posted on 2/14/12)

    Review by Kerry

    Out of 5

    My stomach has been in complete upheaval after finally making the decision to go vegan this week. I began two days ago and was immediately struck with bloating and painful constipation. As do most GI problems, we of course then had to swing the other way to terrible flatulence and loose, urgent stools. I was nearly unable to function today things got so bad. I went to the store and picked this up after work and within ten minutes of taking a pill I started to notice a huge reduction in the noisy protests of my stomach and bowels and within two hours I was feeling MUCH better. I'll help this along by cutting down on so many beans and whole grains, but this product saved my life today!!

  • Thank God!  |  (Posted on 2/8/12)

    Review by mommiecrystal

    Out of 5

    I have had stomach issues that was chalked up as IBS for years... I then recently decided to try and take milk out of my diet... it helped a little but not much. I am talking chronic diarrhea with anything I ate... if I drank water I had to go. I stopped eating out and ruined many family events with my stomach issues... Now my son who is 3 is having the same issues. I have taken him to the drs and they said they think its c diff... which he is being tested for and we are still awaiting results. He is also being tested for food allergies but I think the dr telling me I try a probiotic for him to help relieve the diarrhea he has had since he was born maybe the answer to both our issues. I was in Walgreens last night and didn't realize how expensive this stuff is. The she recommended I read and was like ehhh... I need something strong but gluten, milk, and egg free incase the allergy test come back positive. So I chose the Ultimate Flora 30 billion. It was on sale too so I felt like I am getting triple the cultures and more for my money. My son, daughter and I took it last night and 1 today. I feel so weird. I have heard of die off before but didn't know what to expect. I am feeling weird today. The bonus is I haven't had diarrhea all day and by lunch I probably would have went 3-5 times. I can't wait to see how my son feels when I pick him up from daycare. If this is only day 2 I can't wait until I use the whole bottle. I have had brain fog so bad recently and a break out of yeast rash all over my body that I would just cry every day! I feel so alert today! Thank God I am a label reader. I think you got the best product out there for this... and I have tried others through out the years and never notice this much change in 24 hours. Anyone reading these needs to give the product atleast a month or more. You have to be consistent. Die off can make you feel worse than you did before you started but push through it. I finally after 32 years of complete stomach hell see a light at the end of my tunnel! I think so for my son too! Thank you for making this product.

  • Wish I had tried this sooner!  |  (Posted on 1/28/12)

    Review by M S

    Out of 5

    My digestive system was completely out of wack due to antibiotics I was taking. Usually this gets to the point where I must stop the antibiotics early. I tried Ultimate Flora Critical Care and almost immediately my digestive system returned to normal. This will be a part of my regimen any time I must take antibiotics in the future.

  • excellent results  |  (Posted on 1/7/12)

    Review by S J

    Out of 5

    I had a very inflamed stomach - GERDS - two years ago. Saw the show on PBS that talked about RENEW LIFE and probiotics. I am soooo glad that I watched it. It has helped me get back to a normal diet and I don't have to take the stomach medicine anymore. I have been taking it now for almost 2 years along with the Digestmore. It also helped with my hypertension/ high blood pressure. Don't have to take that medicine anymore either. I Thank God for these products.

  • So far so good  |  (Posted on 11/20/11)

    Review by day

    Out of 5

    Have had chronic constipation for over ten years after undgergoing several years of chemotherapy. I have been testing for everything and have tried everything. This week I was finally told I had IBS. I went to the health food store and they gave me this product. I took my first pill last night and woke up this morning to have a normal BM (sorry if too much info) AND for the first time in as long as I can remember I am not bloated!!!! I sure hope this continues :)

  • Best advice is "don't give up"  |  (Posted on 9/20/11)

    Review by CeeCee

    Out of 5

    Late last year, I heard Brenda's presentation on PBS and was impressed with the information she gave. I am 56 years old and about 2 years ago, I read where brain fog could be caused by the use of artificial sweeteners which are converted to formaldehyde, a neurotoxin, once in the body. Since Splenda and Equal had been a regular part of my otherwise healthy diet, I gave up the products directly and all other products where they appear an ingredient. The results were impressive, but I was still often plagued with the feeling that I wasn't completely alert.

    After the information from Brenda, I decided to try probiotics. I read the reviews from those who said after a couple of months there was no improvement and decided to stick to it despite the bloating and GI discomfort I was occasionally experiencing. Boy, am I glad I did! I have never felt better mentally or physically and the remaining brain fog has completely disappeared. I am coming up on my first anniversary of using Renew Life probiotics and I am very happy I stayed with the program.

    I know my decision to give up artificial sweeteners was the beginning of better health, but probiotics were the rest of the story for me. I feel stronger and more alive than I did in my 40s.

    If you are becoming discouraged, please stay the course. It is well worth it.

  • So Far so GREAT!!!!  |  (Posted on 9/12/11)

    Review by SHOTPAR

    Out of 5

    I found out some important things recently about NOT having an appendix and not having any flora or bacteria in your gut and being a CELIAC.

    Since a recent colonoscopy that cleaned me out of everything including any bacteria I may have had, I have been suffering from very weird head issues. Depression, anxiety, sore gut and the only thing that helped was lying down.

    I started taking this probiotic on the advice of a neighbour and the improvement was almost immediate and almost complete. I started taking 3 a day and will be going down to 1.

    I can deal with the gut stuff, but the head stuff is just too scary.

    Thank you!!!!

  • Ultimate Flora 50 Capsules did not work for me  |  (Posted on 9/2/11)

    Review by Pink Lady

    Out of 5

    My digestion was not improved and bloating persisted after use of this product.

  • Absolutely Improves Health !!  |  (Posted on 8/27/11)

    Review by Dylan

    Out of 5

    I was reluctant to try this product because I have taken Threelac and Diaflucin for past yeast problems and it just seemed that the issue was never really resolved.
    But I liked the idea of delayed response, and that there were actually ten strans of good bacteria involved. Plus 50 billion parts is so much stronger than the 6 billion you get with asodopholis. So I tried it.
    It has been a weerk now and I am absolutely impressed with the way I am feeling.
    The brain fog and semi depressionthat I have felt for so long has definitely diminished considerably. My body feels a new vibrant energy, very positive , and CLEAN.
    The constant joint painI feel in my neck and shoulders, the joints and the muscles has improved a great deal, as the neuro toxns from my gut have subsided.
    My brainis so clear, so lucid, incredibly alert. It's quite remarkable.
    I definitely endorse this product. Take at least two capsuals a dayof the 50 billion. I have experienced no side effects at all except positive ones. It is easy to digest and no cramps or
    intestinal pain.
    I think taking this product with Tumeric is also very smart.
    Yes ! i definitely am impressed...

  • Ultimate Flora is the ultimate for me!  |  (Posted on 8/10/11)

    Review by jenn

    Out of 5

    Going on two weeks of taking the Renew Life Ultimate Flora, Critical Care - 30 Billion i found at walgreens, has been a life saver for me. Since reaching my 40's, my digestive system has become difficult to deal with. Hearburn, gas, bloating, cramping, food sensitivity, you name it ive had it for the last two yrs. Trying other products temporary helped but then i took a chance on Renew Life and am extremely happy! Ive actually noticed a huge difference in my energy level, my digestion is sooooo much better and ive actually lost inches because it has reduced my bloating problem. If the 30 billion formula is working this well, I cant imagine what the 50 billion formula could do but im gonna try it. I will definitely be recommending this product to my friends for sure.

  • Excellent Product  |  (Posted on 8/1/11)

    Review by Desi

    Out of 5

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I am 52 and since I was 17, I have suffered from many stomach problems throughout my life, - ulcer, gall bladder disease, appendectomy, kidney stones and finally diagnosed last year with IBS. I was at my wits end, terrified to plan any trips in the car, never knowing when and where I would get an atack. I was told to try probiotics, which may help a little. I decided to give it a try and I tried a number of brands, mostly because they were on sale and I had a coupon and I did see some differences. I was at the store one day while they were just putting Ultimate Flora on the shelf and after reading the carton I decided to give it a try. I cannot say enough about this product. I no longer have the bloating, the constant uncomortable cramping, no more constipation and best of all, no more diarrhea. The only thing I regret was not finding this product sooner. I have recommended your product to other people and they too have had terrific results. Thank you for making my life normal again. I will be forever grateful for this product.

  • Life Changing Results  |  (Posted on 6/3/11)

    Review by Donna

    Out of 5

    I am a fit, non-smoking, 54 year old female who swims, boxes, lifts weights and walks. I eat a low-fat, healthy diet. People are often shocked when I tell them my age.
    I have been dealing with severe IBS since the age of 36 when I had my gall bladder removed. I also have been on 80 mg of nexium for 9 months to help with stomach pain-an endoscopy last year revealed an inflammed stomach lining and a benign polyp that was removed.
    Determined to get well and discouraged with conventional treatments, I first tried acupucture and chinese herbs. I had some sucess with reduced stomach pain but the IBS got worse and worse. If I didn't take an immodium at night, I would be up ALL night.
    My acuputurist laid down the law and I gave up alcohol, coffee (most difficult but I have had none for 3 months now) and processed sugar. Still, the IBS got worse. I developed skin breakdown in the anogenital area from 10-20 watery BMs a day. Although I worked hard to stay hydrated, I was utterly exhausted and was getting to the point that I couldn't go to the gym and was only walking 3 miles a day at best.

    Then I remembered Brenda Watson's PBS appearance. I went online and ordered Ultimate Flora Critical Colon. It arrived five days ago and from the first capsule, I began to recover.
    My bowel movements are SUDDENLY perfectly normal, my stomach pain is 90% improved, yesterday I walked 4 miles, boxed and lifted weights for an hour AND was cleaning my closet until 10pm! I have taken NO Nexium, a drug that I would previously have been in a total panic without. Immodium? Don't need it!

    I had prayed fervently and asked God to help me and He did. He made sure I saw Brenda Watson on PBS. God Bless you Brenda! As for the negative comments about this product, I have to wonder if these people are expecting these capsules to do ALL the work for them. Are they eating properly and excercising? Are they smokers, drinkers? If you are sick as I was, DO THE RIGHT, HEALTHY THINGS and TRY THIS PRODUCT!

  • Didn't meet expectations  |  (Posted on 5/31/11)

    Review by SW

    Out of 5

    I had hope high hopes for this product but it did't nothing for me. I suffer from brain fog, constipation, bad breath and general sluggish-ness. Some probiotics can greatly improve some of those symptoms but this one didn't. I tried this probiotic twice from two stores but no luck. Oh well, the hunt continues....

  • C diff infection  |  (Posted on 5/24/11)

    Review by Lee Lee

    Out of 5

    This probiotic has changed my life. I have been dealing with a c diff infection for a few months after taking the antibiotic ciproflaxcin for an infection and nothing has helped me until i found this product. After the second day my symptoms of c diff began to get better and within a week i was cured. I cannot believe that ultimate flora critical care has healed me, i'm such a new person now and i don't have to worry about running to a bathroom every 10 mins with bloody bowel movements, stomach pain and cramping, etc. I will be taking this product for the rest of my life. :)

  • numerous abcess  |  (Posted on 5/24/11)

    Review by lee

    Out of 5

    I have to tell you I am really impressed by the results of Ulimate Flora's. I have had numerous abcess sometimes 3-4 in the same place. Under my arms, thighs, buttocks you name it, they were there. I have had to have several surgeries because of the size of the abcess and the pain. I have been taking a pill a day for the last 2 months, no abcess no yeast infections , nothing. I have always had energy, but now I feel like a new person. I would recommend this product to anyone, that has a lot of infections, and constant stomache problems. Thank God my daughter in law informed me of this product.

  • Thank you for helping me get back on track  |  (Posted on 4/18/11)

    Review by Barbara

    Out of 5

    I can't begin to tell you, Brenda and all the people at Renew Life, how much your products have helped me! I am 84 years young (85 in August) and started taking your probiotic, Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion and your Ultimate Fish Oils. The improvement in my health is remarkable. I have more energy, much more flexible, greatly reduced stiffness, wonderful sense of well-being, sharp memory, better skin and hair - the list goes on. I even got back to using my exercise trampoline and started singing again with my church choir.
    Thank goodness I found your products at this stage of my life. Best regards to everyone there and thank you all for helping me get back on track with my life.

  • simply amazing  |  (Posted on 4/2/11)

    Review by roberto

    Out of 5

    I had suffered from allegies from the last 10 years. I was taking several prescriptions trying to keep them at bay but I always increasing the dose. My medicine cabinet used to look like a small pharmacy. I was so overwhelmed that I was afraid to do anything. A friend of mine suggested to my that my problem was poor intestinal health. I started taking this product and two days later all symptoms have disapeared. I have taken this product for about a month and makesme feel like Iike when I was in my twenties. I will be taking this product for areally long time.

  • It cured the sores on my palate  |  (Posted on 3/25/11)

    Review by Cured

    Out of 5

    I was suffering terrible sores on the roof of my mouth/palate for about 5 months. I could not get rid of them. I was afraid to go to the Dr's so I instead went to my local pharmacy and asked the in-house-nutritionist if he could recommend a supplement/vitamin that might possibly cure my problem. He looked in my mouth and said "You need Probiotics. Your stomach is lacking good flora and this lack is causing your mouth sores. Take one tablet of Ultimate Fora a day, keep it refridgiated and come back in ten days." I figured, what the heck so I purchased a bottle and left. I did what I was told and returned in ten days sore free! I noticed a difference on about day five and by day nine I knew he was correct in his diagnosis. I am now on my second bottle and am still sore free. Thank you for creating a product that helped - I was certain I had something very wrong and was relived to learn it was so easily treatable.

  • awesome!  |  (Posted on 3/25/11)

    Review by Tee Bee

    Out of 5

    I take this every day, and I have for years. I've never had a negative experience. I take it because I heard a while back that probiotics were good for immunity and for your digestive system. I grew up with a horrible diet, and I was getting sick all the time. I don't get sick as much so I feel like this has help my immunity tremendously. Plus my digestive system just feels much healthier.

    I love it and I wouldn't touch anything else but another stronger probiotic by Renew Life if the come out with more.

  • Lifestyle + ReNew Life Probiotics = Best in Industry  |  (Posted on 3/23/11)

    Review by Lambpants

    Out of 5

    Some of these reviews are ridiculous.

    Seems to me the people who are no longer having "good results" are stealthy plants of RNL's many competitors. Either that or they smoke 2 packs a day, never exercise, hardly sleep and eat nothing but high fats and sugar all day - NO SUPPLEMENT can help those who make BAD life choices.

    Probiotics simply do not stop being effective, especially such high quality probiotics from arguably the most respected digestive care company out there. Think of it this way, when you clean a cut with hydrogen peroxide, it stings and foams BECAUSE IT'S WORKING.

    Barring rare individuals who need more help than a single daily pill, do not believe imbeciles who post poor ratings and comments about this product.

    ~ Dean

  • Powerful and so easy!  |  (Posted on 3/22/11)

    Review by Bonita

    Out of 5

    I don't like swallowing alot of pills and can't eat yogurt because I'm lactose intolerent. I found Ultimate Flora 50 Billion a few months ago and its such an easy way to get alot of probiotic cultures in a single pill everyday which is what I like to do. Thank you for a great product!

  • Take those probiotics  |  (Posted on 3/22/11)

    Review by Jill

    Out of 5

    Probiotics...My husband and I both had indigestion terribly. We both spent hundres of dollars, even thousands on acid reflux medications for over 20 years. My husband was diagnosed with H Pylori...I was not. We then saw a show on probiotics and began taking them daily. Currently we BOTH are free from all medicatiaons and do not suffer from abnormal gut issues. I am able to eat things that I thought I would never be able to eat again... beans, onions, jalepeno's and my husband too. Take those probiotics... they are God's medicine to keep you healthy and normal!

  • Great Product  |  (Posted on 3/22/11)

    Review by Bob

    Out of 5

    I've been using this product to help with chronic diarrhea issues for over 2 years and I'm absolutely thrilled with the results. If the company changed the formula, my stomach certainly hasn't noticed! Keep up the good work!

  • This product has made a difference in my life.   |  (Posted on 3/21/11)

    Review by Denise

    Out of 5

    I have taken Probiotics in the past with little to no results. Renew Life has made a difference. I have noticed a decrease in my Arthritis symptoms and have had more regularity. I recommend this product for anyone wanting to improve their GPS(GUT PROTECTION SYSTEM). It is as Brenda says, "superior health begins in the digestive system.

  • so far so good  |  (Posted on 3/17/11)

    Review by jb

    Out of 5

    Been taking for 2 months, feeling better so far. Also combine this with the triple fiber.

  • OUTSTANDING!!!  |  (Posted on 2/21/11)

    Review by LYMIE

    Out of 5

    Hello all,
    I am a lyme patient and had been undiagnosed for over 8yrs. I also have an autoimmune and autonomic disorder which has complications of it's own. I was a very ill person for a very long time. I found this product on my own and am truely greatful. I am doing what I can to help my body regain it's immune system. I have taken ultimate critical 50 billion for almost 2 months now and have had great success. Health begins and ends with good nutrician and a healthy colon. I find that my thoughts are now looking towards a more healthy and manageable life because of this product. Forever greatful!

  • Great Product!  |  (Posted on 2/12/11)

    Review by mk

    Out of 5

    Had a tough case of Salmonella (2 bouts in 3 months), took two different antibiotics. This product helped A LOT!!! It helped my regularity and stopped having upset stomach. Tried other probiotics without any success.

  • Pointed me in the right direction  |  (Posted on 10/24/10)

    Review by Aaron

    Out of 5

    I started taking this product about 40-50 days ago (the 30 day supply) and before taking it had gone (in a 7 year period) from a symptom-free lifestyle to a strong ace treatment, few anti-biotic treatments, and some mold exposure; this really messed up my system. I developed lactose intolerance, IBS, immune suppression, and a variety of other irritating non-life threatening symptoms. I heard about this product from a friend, and after 3-4 days of taking it my IBS was reduced from 3-4 days a week to once a week; after 15-20 days of taking it, IBS was reduced to once every two weeks. After mustering up enough courage to begin eating dairy products that weren't lactose-free again, I ate a little cheese, then a few days later a slice of pizza, a few weeks later 1/3 of a milkshake, and so on.. I'm not totally sure if I am "cured" of my lactose-intolerance, but before I started taking this I could eat something manufactured with milk like a chip or mashed potatoes...etc. and I would know almost immediately if there was dairy in it. Now, I haven't been able to tell much at all. I think my other symptoms are related to other problems that other products on this site address more specifically; but, I am impressed, and I've tried tons of herbal products with little success. Although, I do recommend taking L-Glutamine near the end of the treatment; it really helped me a lot.

  • Finally some relief  |  (Posted on 10/12/10)

    Review by Dani

    Out of 5

    I have been going to a Urologist for quite some some to combat a stubborn UTI. I have gone through 4 rounds of different medications only to have the symtoms come back a few days later. A friend who had a been treated for a kidney infection and suffers from Candida suggested this product to me, saying it's the only thing that has helped her recovery process. After the first day of taking this, I woke up for the first time in over a month without any UTI discomfort. After the 3rd day it was if I never had a problem to begin with. This product was a god-send to me. I called my urologist to tell him about my experiences with this product in the hopes of helping others. I used the Critical Care product, however I noticed there is also a Vaginal Formula too (for candida and Urinary support). The Critical Care seems to be doing the job for me, plus it sooths my IBS as well. I travel for work a lot and this product has been great for "travelers belly" and keeping my immune system strong why flying. I haven't been sick since taking this.

  • Way of life  |  (Posted on 9/23/10)

    Review by victor

    Out of 5

    5yrs. ago I was stressed, heard about this probiotics, began taking them and they have change me for the better! Especially for my gums. I highly recomend this to everyone, I tell them to be patient.
    Thank you

  • Ceased being effective.  |  (Posted on 9/8/10)

    Review by Lori

    Out of 5

    Perhaps I became immuned to this product after having used it for approximately seven years--it just has little or no effective as it did at the outset. I've switched to another brand and am very satisifed.

    Too, I had previously written an email regarding my concerns about this product, but I never received an answer!

  • Immediate Relief!  |  (Posted on 8/23/10)

    Review by Jim

    Out of 5

    I decided to try this probiotic product after years of chronic diahrrea for which a cause had never been clearly determined by my doctors. Literally, within 30 minutes the symptoms completely disappeared and have not returned since I started a daily dose of this particular product. I immediately reported this to my partner...who didn't really make much of it. I have to say it is like a miracle that I've had very normal bowel movements since I started this daily dose. I've researched EVERY ingredient and could find mounds of evidence supporting the benefits from universities all over the world. But my experience tells me everything I need to know.

    As well, my partner, who has suffered from acid reflux his entire life, then decided to give this product a try...and AGAIN, the next day, he was amazed that he didn't need his antacid...which he's been taking for 20 years!!! He was completely surprised and so very happy to finally find something that helped his constant and severe acid reflux. We both can only thank this company and the persons that recommended these probiotic products!!!

  • I will take this product for the rest pf my life  |  (Posted on 8/21/10)

    Review by Ray

    Out of 5

    Great Product!

  • Great for IBS   |  (Posted on 8/19/10)

    Review by Eric

    Out of 5

    - I have been plagued by IBS-D since early youth. Despite countless tests, scopes and prescriptions, steroids nothing worked. In a last ditch effort to save my social life and possibly my job I tried critical care. This product is not a cure all and I still have flares but it changed my life. My flares went from daily and severe to the point I can go 2 weeks without any problems. I used to take Imodium almost daily now I may need it once a month if at all. I can now go places without researching the nearest bathroom.

    I still have issues and bad days but nowhere near the number I used too. I wish I found this product years ago. It took the medical field over 15years to properly diagnose me and they still couldn’t find a treatment. Thank for my life back

  • Looking good so far  |  (Posted on 8/18/10)

    Review by Patch

    Out of 5

    I was taking Zantac every day to control acid reflux and stomach acid .. I have not been able to eat anything that contained gluten, I found this out after doing the Atkins diet and I was able to control this issue but I still would break down and have something that contained gluten and suffer for a few days.. I have now been on Flora Critical Care for 1 week and already notice a good change in my digestive health.. Enough to continue on using the product every day..

    I will follow up in a month or so..


  • Changed my life  |  (Posted on 7/5/10)

    Review by Mads

    Out of 5

    I am a physician and functional medicine practitioner. I have also had my share of health troubles, the typical lifelong food allergies and sensitivities, IBS like symptoms, pain, bloating, gas, flatulence, fatigue, and general malaise. I had recurrent strep throat, sinusitis and tonsillitis as a child and young adult and at times was prescribed antibiotics for months on end.

    I have made many, many changes in my lifestyle and diet in recent years and am now cured of most of these symptoms. When I was treating myself for these conditions, I would add one supplement or intervention at a time, so that I could be sure what each intervention's effect was and know what worked and what did not.

    This product from RenewLife had by far the most profound impact on my health. Within days my intestinal symptoms were well controlled and within several months were gone for good. Be warned, however, this is strong stuff, and make sure that you are well nourished and supplimented before beginning this product. It could cause unpleasant die-off reactions. This is a good thing, because you know it is working, but make sure your detox pathways are running smooth and that you have plenty of antioxidants and B-vitamins on board.

    This is a top notch product and provides levels of crucial bifidobacteria unmatched in any other product on the market. Don't waste your time with the cheap acidophilus.

  • My savior!  |  (Posted on 5/14/10)

    Review by Michelle

    Out of 5

    I was diagnosed with "c diff." a few months ago after the antibiotic Clindamycin, prescribed by my dentist, made me violently ill. I experienced many daily bouts of painful, uncontrollable diarrhea. My family physician prescribed another antibiotic, Flagyl, to cure the c diff. After two separate rounds of flagyl, the symptoms would weaken a bit but return as soon as I completed the prescription. In desperation, I visited my local Vitamin Shop and spoke to the manager who insisted I try Ultimate Flora. Thank God she did for I am now much, much better! I still take UF daily, just in case the old bug is lingering, and I have maintained a healthy lifestyle. Thank you Renew Life!

  • thank you so much  |  (Posted on 5/10/10)

    Review by heather

    Out of 5

    I have struggled with irregularity in bowel function, yeast infections, embarrassing halitosis, lactose intolerance, food allergies, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and more recently excessive gas and bloating. I had digestive pain after eating was normal for me since I was a child and so I was always underweight and allergic to things it seemed everyone else could eat. I took a lot of antibiotics for tonsillitis during childhood and when I got my wisdom teeth out, the powerful antibiotic I took was the last straw. I have been taking acidophilus pills and enzymes daily with food along with straight vinegar when indigestion would hit. I saw little improvement.

    After one DAY on Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50, I could feel a difference in my body function. It began to clean my colon within hours, not days. I have never felt like I had a "normal" bowel movement, they were meager and only every 2 or 3 days. On my first day, I had two with no bleeding fissures or discharge due to trauma. Only a person who has been through what I have could understand the happiness that brought me no matter how private that seems. Later that day, while walking my dog, I felt the urge to run, I had energy instead of feeling toxic and lethargic. I ran a mile. That is why I just had to write and tell you of my experience and I hope ANYONE who has had digestive problems and the side effects they cause will find and use your products.

  • Helped me  |  (Posted on 5/7/10)

    Review by Kathryn

    Out of 5

    I am 46 and have dealt with allergy symptoms for most of my adult life and at times the symptoms would be so severe that I couldn't carry on 'normally'. About 11 years ago I was diagnosed with asthma and was prescribed inhalers, one being a steroid. I found, to my astonishment, that one time I needed to use 8 puffs a day of the steroid inhaler for about a week, I got severe laryngitis, which needless to say didn't impress me.

    An overactive immune responses (asthma) also ups mucous production, so I was always doing a lot of coughing because my body wanted to get the mucous out and also because of the wheezing and tightness. I recently discovered that about 80% of the immune system resides in the 'gut' and that an imbalance of the good/bad bacteria can affect immune response. I then thought about the fact that over the years I had been on antibiotics many times and was not informed by any doctor that they not only kill the bad bacteria, but also the good. So I thought that my 'gut' was probably not in good shape.

    I decided to try Ultimate Flora and I am so glad I did. I can not begin to tell you how great I feel. After I started the product I immediately noticed an improvement in all my allergic symptoms, most of all, the asthma. I have not had to use any inhalers for the past week and I am looking forward to hopefully many more weeks with no inhalers.

  • With Gratitude  |  (Posted on 5/6/10)

    Review by Colleen & Colin

    Out of 5

    Thank you so much for your Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion. My 9 year old son, Colin, has been struggling with diarrhea off and on for 3 years! It was so bad at Christmas time that he was dehydrating, weak, and vomiting. I was desperate when a good friend told me to give Colin Diar-Ease and Ultimate Flora, 3 a day to start. Within 12 hours his diarrhea was gone, and now 10 days later every day is still a good day for Colin!! His energy is amazing and he is so happy to be better. We can never thank you enough!

  • Good Products  |  (Posted on 5/6/10)

    Review by patty

    Out of 5

    About two months ago I began taking these probiotics and your Organic Triple Fiber. Before that I was having serious problems with my bowels...I never knew when I was going to have to run for a bathroom and most times didn't make it. My doctor checked me for everything possible and found nothing. I decided to go to a health food store. I bought these two items and after one month I felt perfectly normal. Thanks for such good products.

  • It got rid of my H-pylori  |  (Posted on 4/16/10)

    Review by Jen

    Out of 5

    Following 2 consecutive rounds of antibiotics (lasted 1 full month) I still tested positive for H-pylori (the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers) and in addition acquired my first yeast infection. I knew I needed to replenish good bacteria and found Ultimate Flora - 50 billion count seemed like the highest count at the time and started taking one daily. I have been on it for 2 years now and not only did I test negative for the H-pylori but now my immune system is much stronger. I used to get a cold every other month, ever since I started Ultimate Flora I have only been sick twice. I too will be taking this permanently and have recommended the product to my parents and many friends.

  • This product saves my a**  |  (Posted on 3/16/10)

    Review by Ed

    Out of 5

    Thanks to the modern healthcare system I got a nasty bacterial infection some years ago that resulted a sensitive digestive system. I am also a fairly adventurous eater by nature which means that from time to time I get a flare up - often self-induced and always a nuisance. I have now found that without fail for the last six months, if I feel a problem coming on and take about 4 Ultimate Flora's for a few days, it never turns into a big deal and I am usually over it by the second day. Given the nature of these problems I can truly say it saves my a**.

  • I will be taking this product permanetly  |  (Posted on 2/10/10)

    Review by Jan

    Out of 5

    For most of my adult years I was plagued by urinary tract infections (almost monthly). Until approximately 10 years ago I was treated by my doctor for these infections but they always returned. I am a very healthy woman with no medication other than those infections and decided to research for a natural product to fight these infections and found Renew Life Ultimate Flora, Critical Care - 50 Billion. I've been taking one capsule in the evening for over three years and have had no sign of the infections that I had for so many years. I believe Ultimate Flora rid my body of the unhealthy bacteria that caused these infections, so I'll be taking this product permanently.

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