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ParaGone® is a targeted, 2-part cleansing program made with specially selected herbs and natural ingredients to help detoxify and rebalance your intestinal microbes to promote internal harmony.* It’s designed to address your body’s unique needs to help you feel your best.*

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Targeted Cleansing Program for Microbial Balance*

  • 15-day, 2-part program
  • Promotes balance of intestinal microorganisms*
  • Great for travelers*
  • Gluten Free
  • Quality, purity, and potency guaranteed through expiration

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ParaGone® is a 15-day, 2-part, targeted cleansing program to promote the balance of intestinal microorganisms.* It’s made with specially selected herbs and natural ingredients designed to help detoxify and rebalance your intestinal microbes to promote internal harmony.* Ideal to use when traveling, ParaGone is a gluten free formula, and is guaranteed for quality, purity, and potency through expiration.

Why Choose Renew Life™ Targeted Cleansing Programs?
Did you know that we come into contact with toxins every day—from the environment, our food, and even within our own digestive tract? While the body was built to process these toxins, today’s world places increased stress on our elimination channels. Each Renew Life Targeted Cleansing Program helps re-establish digestive health and is uniquely formulated to address specific needs so you feel better, lighter, and more energized.*

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Reviewed by Louise on 7/11/15


I've been doing some kind of cleansing since 1988 (monthly colonics, plus a parasite cleanse once a year just before my birthday). I used ParaGone for the first time in August, 2013 with great results! So much so that my scales showed a drop of 8 pounds! Amazing! After that, I repeated it three more times up to July, 2014. On my 5th cleanse now (Nov.-Dec. 2014)
with much less output. Starting Liver Detox in another week. Thank you so much for this product!!

Reviewed by Nancy on 12/1/14

It works great when taken as directed!

I found that using the drops with a chaser of a tomato based juice like V8 or whatever really alleviates the strong taste of the drops. i just put the drops under my tongue for a minute then swish a mouthful of tomato juice around my mouth and swallow. after 4 doses of the pills & drops i was feeling big time die-off effects and had to stay home and relax, and i made taking really good care of myself top priority. I am so happy i did this cleanse, it was so worth it to be able to have my health and well being restored.

Reviewed by leah on 10/19/14


After my son was infected with pinworms and knowing how easlity contagious they are I purchase Paragone for Kids and Parasite CLeanse System for us adults. We have all immediately noticed a difference. We take this product along with Parazyme, FiberSmart, & Ultimate Flora Probiotic. It has helped us all and we are grateful. SYMPTOM & PARASITE FREE!

Reviewed by Jason on 10/15/14

Great product

I love this product. I had problems with energy and sluggish colon and when I did this the colon cleared up

Reviewed by Lucius on 9/29/14

ParaCleanse Works

Last spring I had a bout of hPylori which required me to go on some intensive antibiotics for 2 weeks. After the antibiotics were done, I started having severe acne. I'm 40. I shouldn't be having these issues. I returned to the doc who put me on another round of antibiotics for the infected areas. About 2 weeks later my OBGYN called after a pap and said I had an infection that needed to be treated. ANOTHER round of antibiotics. In the middle of these, I broke out with THE WORST yeast infection I have ever had. I literally had yeast coming out from everywhere. I know, gross. My mouth was so bad I couldn't talk or eat for three days. After a round of anti-fungals to get rid of the mouth yeast, I returned to the doc for my follow-up from the hPylori which started all of this. He then tells me I had Tinea Versicolor-white spots all over my skin. What the HE** is Tinea Versicolor? I was sick, felt awful, failing at my job because my head was cloudy and I could barely get up in the a.m. I decided to sit down and do some reading. I realized after reading what happened with the yeast and the tinea versicolor I was probably infected with yeast from all of the antibiotics. I did LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of more reading. The very first thing I did was stop eating sugar and carbs. Cold turkey. Nothing could be worse then how I felt at that moment. It was difficult but everytime I had cravings I went back out to the internet and read other people's stories to remind myself it does get better. Once I got through that, I started the Candida Cleanse. I did the first round which sent me to bed for 3 days because of the "die-off" After I finished my first round of Candida Cleans,e I learned that yeast is generally accompanied by other parasites. I have had horses and animals my whole life and "worm" them on a regular basis but have never wormed myself. I got the ParaCleanse and after three days, I know this sounds really gross, I relieved myself of a LOT of parasites. There was also a lot of green present and the best I can tell is I have liver flukes (that is what they looked like) that were clogging up my bile ducts and their die off opened up the bile duct allowing it to finally flow. I lost 10 pounds that week from my liver finally being able to process foods properly and eliminate toxins. This whole process I have lost over 50 pounds, my head is finally clear and I no longer have "things" coming out of my body. I think I have the candida under control and feel great. I have read that liver flukes are very difficult to get rid of so I am going to start another round next week after giving my body a 30 day rest. Cross your fingers. Remember western medicine is only about 200 years old. Eastern medicine, healing with herbs, is centuries if not milleniums old. I believe there are lots of things available in nature to heal and help us and am glad RenewLife embraces that thought.

Reviewed by Happy on 9/9/14

Horrible taste

I read all the reviews and I wonder if Renew Life pays people to post reviews. The product was recommended to me, so I believe it's good, but not one of the posted reviews mentions that absolutely unbearably horrible taste of the ParaGone2 liquid drops. The dietary information should be on the box and on the first page with the directons. I missed them until I read these reviews; I did not know that I was not supposed to have sugar. I will cut it out now and see if I get more results.

Reviewed by PG on 8/20/14

It works

I've had problems with severe bloating, insomnia, joint pains, blurry vision, stubborn weight gain, depression, anxiety and fatigue for over a year. My doctors just doesnt care and tells me to "exercise more". I'm living a very active and healthy life. I came across research about parasites and candida overgrowth a few months back and did some research before I decided to go on a cleanse. I've gone full in cold turkey with the diet, and have been on the cleanse for two weeks. I definitely felt some die-off effects about a week in, but feel a lot better now and am definitely seeing results. I am really pleased with this product so far.

Reviewed by Helene on 8/16/14

May or may not have worked

I am right at 13 days on paragone and plan to do the second round after a week rest. To be honest, I am not sure if this supplement has worked so far or not. However, this doesn't reflect the quality of the supplement. I have done a lot of international traveling and thought it would be a good idea to do a cleanse because my digestive system has not been the same sense but was not 100% sure if i have parasites or an overgrowth of opportunistic flora. When I began taking this cleanse I had soft stools-diareaha for the first 10 days. I then began taking a 50 billion probiotic and think normal stools are a result of the probiotic. I am also taking a different parasite cleanse suggested by my naturopath, paragone, and fibersmart so it is hard to tell what supplement is doing what. I am satisfied though in taking the natural route and paragone seems to have many herbs and be well rounded to make your GI tract a hostile environment for parasites so even though i don't necessarily feel different, i am confident that paragone will kill any unwanted parasites.

Also, the liquid paragone 2 drops have a pretty bad after taste. If i am not mistaken it says to take the drops with a small amount of water. I suggest having a 2nd glass of water ready to gulp and swish it around in your mouth after downing the bitter paragone drops.

Reviewed by Nicole on 8/12/14


I couldn't believe how well this product worked. I've always been very bloated (I'm average build, but after breakfast and through the rest of the day, I look six months pregnant) and I recently gained a steady amount of stubborn weight.

This product is amazing. Within three days, it was obvious the product was working. I worked my way up to the full dose, but had to cut back due to diarrhea (not normal, and the instructions say to cut down). Cutting back fixed that issue, and the cleanse still works. If anything, it's been a great reboot to get me to cut sugar and eat more whole foods. I made the mistake of eating sugar once during the first two weeks and blew up like a balloon.

I took FiberSmart and Critical Care Probiotics in conjunction with this.

Reviewed by Lauren on 7/19/14

Paragone,oilsmart, and, fibersmart are great

I think this product is awesome. I had been in a real bad wreck and my doctors had me on a lot of depression and nerve medicine. Physically, I was fine but I was like a zombie. I gained up to 204 lbs. I wouldn't even hardly talk. My mom suggested me going to the health food store because she was worried I was going to die from all the medicines that they had prescribed. The lady at the health food store didn't even recognize me at first. I have a cat so she recommended me starting on the paragone cleanse along with the fibersmart, oilsmart and a really good vitamin from the health food store, I used Source of Life for the vitamin. It took awhile and it didn't work overnight and I also tried the advanced cleanse but mostly I stuck with the paragone. I lost 64 lbs and people couldn't believe how well it worked for me. It does help you not crave sugar or want to pig out. You got to give it a chance to work and do it like it says or it won't work. The fibersmart helps bind to the toxins and the oils and fibers work together to help you go to the bathroom plus when I'm doing my cleanses and the oils and fibers it helps with my cholestorl because it has the 3-6-9 oils in it, Every product I've used that Brenda Watson has. Has really worked well for me and I will continue to use them.

Reviewed by peach on 5/12/14

Give it a chance...you may be surprised.

I first used this product last year, when I first realizing the problems associated with an American lifestyle. I was sluggish, tired and gaining weight. At first with this product, I was even more tired. I believe that is your body's effort to assist in the healing process.

Several days in my stool changed. I could not believe what I saw. The "things' were clearly worms (and if you don't believe that I am glad whatever it was is out). My energy sored, my head cleared. I believe that our toxic load in the US is extremely high - resulting in things that live in our system to go out of balance.

My mother told me growing up, her mother lined her and her siblings up and gave them a shot of castor oil at the turn of every season. Castor oil cleans out the system - we don't do those things anymore. It probably kept our system in balance with other organisms living within us.

I do believe the same can be achieved through a very organic, clean eating regimen. I am trying to do both, clean eating and herbs. I think that the I need something strong to help rid these parasites or pathogens that have become resistant.

I am doing my second course this year, because I know that it works. Some of these herbs are stronger in tincture - that is what paragone has. Also, I did my first coffee enema the other day. I wouldn't overdo it, but it had amazing results to my overall well being and functioning. I wouldn't want to throw my electrolytes out of whack, so I proceed with caution.

But I say, give Paragone a chance. You just might be surprised...pleasantly.

Reviewed by Stella13 on 4/3/14

I recommend Paragone

I first took Paragone after watching the Joni show on TBN in which the topic was that of parasites. That episode was promoting a different product which was out of budget for me. The woman held up a jar of parasites which she said came from her and that was enough for me to at least begin to research the idea of doing a cleanse. Thus I began the regimen of Paragone. That was over 4 years ago.

I experienced alot of the same as others - slimy bowel moments, things that appeared to be worms or pieces of worms however, I would not investigate too closely. Physically my energy level drastically improved by my second week. The craving that I occassionally had for sugar disappated. I had, prior to that suffered a bout of Colitis which required hospitalization as I could not stop passing blood - I remember the doctors asking me if I had been to any third world countries and I told them that I had only traveled to Mexico and it was months prior. They did not seem to believe that particular trip was the cause, but I remember having had a horrible case of Montezuma's Revenge while in Mexico. The doctors could never determine the cause behind the Colitis.

Needless to say, I am finally taking a second dose of Paragone years later because I am not feeling my best. I continue to get a reoccuring infection and the antibiotics I get prescribed are not remedying the problem. I began to have gastrointestonal issues after travel to - where else but Mexico, again. I remember how well Paragone worked for me before and am hoping for the same results. I will post and update on the results.

Reviewed by mica on 2/14/14


I've used this product several times, and I will say it works very well based on the fact that the first time, I had the weirdest shit (ha ha) come out of me. No, but seriously, there were very strange things, that were probably parasites. There were a lot of different shapes of them and i can't tell you what they were. Unfortunately the doctor couldn't tell me either, but I am pretty sure they were parasites.

I've done several other rounds of this and haven't had the same results, which tells me it really got a lot of stuff out the first time. I would recommend this product.

Reviewed by chicka on 1/20/14

Couldn't Hurt

Was unsure if I wanted to use this product, but I was noticing white specks in my, uh, "BM", as everyone's calling it here, and I was concerned they might be worm eggs.
I started ParaGone on X-mas Eve of 2013. First cleanse ever, and I'm under 130 lbs so I started at half dose like the directions suggested, for one week and then since I was experiencing almost no die-off symptoms (smidgeon of a headache after a dose, that's all), I upped to full dose and stuck with until I finished the package like 3 weeks later.
I also changed my diet for the cleanse as suggested in the directions and it kept my skin pretty clear.
From before I even started the cleanse, up until after I finished, there was NO change in the white specks. Maybe they've always been there, I don't know; you have to look close to see them. They are smaller than "rice grains"... They must not be parasite eggs after all. They might just be Candida yeast bits. But either way they remained just the same whether I was cleansing for parasites or controlling what I eat (the ParaGone suggested diet IS a good way to control Candida), so, I dunno.
Either way I'm sure this cleanse killed something bad in me that I couldn't see. The natural herbs and stuff sure couldn't hurt. I feel no different than when I started, but I never felt sick to begin with. I don't feel like I wasted my time with this product and I wouldn't hesitate to try another Renew Life cleanse in the future.

Reviewed by TyRAN* on 1/12/14


So I purchased this product after doing a bit of research on parasitic cleansing... I suspect that I might have parasites after seeing what looked like white rice in my stools and a change in my stomach/intestinal health. I started having bloated stomach, pain after eating due to gas and blocked bowels from constipation etc.etc..a few times, I saw what looked like fragments of worms.. but couldn't be sure...I've been taking this product now for about 3 days straight. Before that, I had started the product but only took it one day and then skipped a couple of days. When I did that, I developed a very bloated hard belly, and so I figured something was going on and decided to continue taking the product at that point. All I can say thus far is I woke up today, (the third consecutive day), and realized my head was clearer....no more foggy mind...I felt a sense of balance...As far as my bowels are concerned, I was still a bit bloated but not as bad... especially after eating, and a bit constipated today but my bowels are moving...I haven't seen anything interesting yet and I'm thinking that's because I have sooo much that needs to come out before I see anything significant and, I believe it takes a few days for the die off.. Other than a bloated belly, I am not experiencing any bad side affects at all... I will update my progress in a few days.. I can't wait to see what happens but as of today, I'm pleased thus far...

Reviewed by RTWnda4660 on 12/29/13

grateful!! :)

I spent 5 months in Central America. In addition to traveling there, I spent much time working on a farm in Costa Rica and always ate raw fruits and veggies, and was playing in the dirt so much I couldn't get my nails clean. Shortly after arriving in Costa Rica I felt a mass in my abdomen. After a couple of months, I began having digestive issues also. When I finally returned to the states and went to the doctor, with exacerbated digestive issues, they told me nothing was wrong. They could all feel my "mass" but even an MRI didn't show anything suspicious. Finally I took matters into my own hands, because doctors here (everywhere?) are oblivious to parasites as an issue and don't know how to treat them.

Two days on the cleanse had me feeling hungry due to dietary restrictions (the ones specified and my own--vegetarian and gluten free). I was also passing a lot of unidentifiable things that looked like gallstones, but maybe they were parasite eggs.....? The doctor told me I couldn't pass gallstones without being in excruciating pain, but I don't buy it. I stayed on the cleanse full strength for two weeks, and felt incredible. My skin was clearer than ever, too. Just cutting out sugar always has that effect anyways, but this was even better, because for YEARS I've had loose stools and never thought anything of it. But after this cleanse....? I had almost forgotten what a normal bowel movement was because when I had one, it was a surprise! It cured whatever the issue was in my intestines. I'm about to take another, because the mass is still there but I have a feeling one more round of Para-Gone will do the trick!

Reviewed by Avalanche on 11/16/13


This product kills your brain cells cause brain fog inability to concentrate extreme bloating constipation & weakness after taking the product extreme constipation slept for 19 hours a day for 9 days then had to quit goto the hospital for expensive tests after stopping the product after almost a month slowly starting to feel a little better only sleep 11 hours a day I went to the top neurosurgeon & gastro doctor in the state both said this is quackery the placebo effect take at own risk & you are wasting your money on pills that are unregulated bunk

Reviewed by David on 11/14/13

This Product Works

I saw results (literally - a 7 inch tapeworm) after taking this this product. I found I had to do 2 full rounds. It's very regimented, though, so know going into it that you need to follow the instructions and the dietary recommendations. I have recommended this product to my gastrointerologist in the event he has patients that wish to pursue alternative remedies versus a prescription (Albenzadole is what he prescribed for me).

Reviewed by Reliable Results on 10/21/13

A Step in the Right Direction

About a month ago, I did one round of the 35-day cycle (15 days on, 5 days off, 15 days on). By the third day I started to pass things that looked wormy, but who knows. I did pass a lot of protein strings and mucus. At about day 10, I collected some things that looked like worms and had them tested. They came back negative as undigested protein.

I wasn't 100% with the diet, but pretty close. I went from (before the cleanse) having slushy, urgent BM first thing in the a.m. to formed, darker (normal) BM. The best thing is I no longer have colon pain. I used to feel achy/crampy in the colon after a BM.

About two years ago, I had a comprehensive stool test which said no parasites, no or minimal yeast, but also no good bacteria. And this was after daily drinking kefir and taking probiotics (though not the expensive ones). For a bunch of years I have had low grade fatigue, brain fog, poor digestion, blood sugar problems, poor memory etc. (it has really sucked). I've tried a bunch of supplements, cutting out gluten, cooking Chinese herbs, acupuncture, a wholistic NP, etc. Things have helped a little.

An alternative med person read me energetically and said I had parasites and a lot of them. (I think he meant a whole range of things, not specifically worms.) I took his supps for a number of months and felt a little improvement (also went back on low carb, low/no sugar diet--not 100%). A friend told me about ParaGONE and I did the program with the whole protocol.

I was instructed to stay on the diet for the 5 days off and didn't quite live up to it. And then after the 35 days I went back to eating "like a normal person"--sweets now and then, a little pizza, a beer or glass of wine on a special occasion. My poop isn't as good as when I was on the cleanse. After the cleanse, the alt med guy said parasites were down 90% and fungus/mold 30%.

i was better on the cleanse, but this time I want to try CandiGONE and see if that makes a difference. Clearly I need to get my digestion balanced in order to feel better. Also, I have had toenail fungus all of my life. Of all the different things I've tried in the last six years, ParaGONE has made the biggest improvement in a short period of time.

Reviewed by ACalifornian on 10/19/13


I can't believe how well this stuff worked. I was suffering from massive heartburn and have been for years. The reason I entertained the thought of taking this was because my heartburn was out of control and nothing was working. I mentioned it to my cousin and he told me he suffered from the same a few years back so he took this Paragone Parasite cleanser and never had the heartburn again. Well I had to try it and here is what happened. I followed the instructions to the letter. 1.Lots of pooping (like 3-4 times a day (I guess I was full of $hit, lol) 2. Lost my belly 3. Around week 3 was getting bloated and the heartburn returned with a vengeance. I told my cousin about it and he said the parasites were probable fighting back or dying and to keep the treatment going. 4. Finished off the week and unbelievably I have not had heartburn in the last 2 months.....All I can say is WOW!

It really worked for me and I tell my friends suffering from stomach issues or heartburn to give it a shot. It is a little expensive $35 but I was taking over $100 a month in different pills for my heartburn.

Reviewed by rudydb1 on 10/2/13

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