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Powerful Yeast Cleansing Program‡

  • 15-day, 2-part intestinal yeast cleansing program‡
  • Broad-spectrum formula to address different types of yeast‡
  • Promotes balance of intestinal yeast‡
  • Supports urinary tract health‡

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CandiGone is a 15-day, 2-part formula that includes a blend of 16 natural ingredients traditionally used to help maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora.‡ It is formulated to be taken in harmony with your normal, daily activity. This 2-part formula includes vegetable capsules and a tincture. CandiGone is gluten-free and contains no binders or fillers.

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Customer Reviews

  • Feel amazing!  |  (Posted on 9/25/15)

    Review by Emily

    Out of 5

    I weigh 90 lbs, and am doing a long cleanse. Core energy feels enhanced somehow. Week 3 after 1 week off and a colonic, I feel amazing! I continue to mostly stick with food plan as you described. It is helpful, better energy levels. I'm 70 years young and am busy. Thanks for your product and outstanding phone support.

  • Rebooting my system   |  (Posted on 9/20/15)

    Review by Desirae

    Out of 5

    As a sometimes stressed out Mommy to 2 kids, I have been trying to juggle a lot. Homework, home maintainable, school and work. Its a lot. I love my life and feel blessed with a beautiful family and great opportunity. However, having just started an early morning position at an upscale workout establishment. Im finding by early afternoon, I am feeling extremely tired, sluggish, moody and lacking motivation. This is despite making a point to get plenty of sleep, adopting a healthier life style with a heavier workout routine and more whole foods. I have many friends who work in and live by more natural/Chinese medicine type fields. They all pointed to a good cleanse needing to be done, and a possible Candida build up. Im more than excited to have ordered this product after friend referrals and reading reviews. There is no doubt in my mind that my body will soon be reset into a better rhythm and I will soon be reaping the benefits of more energy and better mental clarity!! I will be writing a more detailed reviews about my experience after completing the cleanse. Thank you Renew Life. Im so glad to have found your products!!

  • Really helps!!  |  (Posted on 8/31/15)

    Review by BarbB

    Out of 5

    I have now incorporated the Candigone cleanse into my regular routine. I do CleanseSmart every fall and Candigone every winter.

  • works good   |  (Posted on 8/20/15)

    Review by Outlaw179

    Out of 5

    I have used a couple of other this one seems to work faster and more complete.

  • Tried many, this one actually works  |  (Posted on 3/9/15)

    Review by Marzena

    Out of 5

    So I have just ordered 2 of these for myself and my boyfriend because I have bought this before and loved the results. If you stick to diet changes (low carbs and no sugars + no acidic drinks like coffee, sodas, teas), you will not only feel your stomach feeling at peace but get a lot of natural energy. Keep your protein intake up and you won't crave sugars or carbs as much which helps your flora. I also ordered the 50 million Flora probiotics to go along with this cleanse to restore my natural flora. Try it. You won't be disappointed.

  • powerful way to kill yeast  |  (Posted on 3/8/15)

    Review by Jayme

    Out of 5

    I started taking this product after finding out that I had a severe yeast overgrowth despite a very healthy diet. This explained why the constant allergies and lethargy I experienced nearly every day. My mom bought this for me and I will always be so thankful that this is the one she picked. Candigone combines almost all the most potent natural anti fungals. I could tell a difference in the way I felt after taking it. I didn't feel that way after taking prescription Nystatin for a couple of months. I look forward to taking Candigone every morning and night and actually crave the drops. Would recommended to anyone who is suffering from Candida overgrowth. I would buy it again if need be. Thank you Renew Lif for another great product!

  • great  |  (Posted on 1/9/15)

    Review by jenny

    Out of 5

    First it was hard and as I got the food required it started to get easier and my energy level went up

  • Good Stuff!  |  (Posted on 1/5/15)

    Review by Julie

    Out of 5

    I bought this product after my candida issues grew to the point I was having silent reflux, indigestion, and frequent yeast infections. I am nearly finished with my first round of CandiGONE, and feeling much better. I am going to do a second round b/c I still feel some lingering symptoms. I am hopeful that it will kick the overgrowth completely! Also, I never had stomach issues taking this. I also have been following the diet recommendations, for the most part. Certain things, like coffee creamer, I stubbornly refuse to give up, but I have limited refined carbs, and tried to eliminate most sugar. I really think that is key for the success of this product.

  • Ordering again   |  (Posted on 11/29/14)

    Review by Baker

    Out of 5

    This product helped me so much!
    I was having so many troubles. I have a gluten intolerance that I'm trying to figure out. I thought most of the issues I was having were from that, But I hadn't been eating it for a long time and was still having so many issues. I kept searching and reading and came back to candida a couple of times. All the symptoms fit. I scraped my tongue every morning. I was just tired all the time I had muscle and joint pain daily, sour stomach and regurgitation, and female troubles to the point where it started to hurt when my husband and I would be intimate. I wasn't myself I was irritable, I felt so exhausted and trapped. I felt bad for being unwell because it was impacting so many different parts of my life I decided to try this and within a week the pain during intercourse stopped and my muscle pain slowly went away. I only did one round but I needed more. My tongue is starting to get more gunk on it and I'm starting to experience some personal dryness again. My muscle fatigue is returning occasionally. I'm SO THANKFUL this product exists because without it I would be so lost and frustrated. I'm hoping to try other products to strengthen my gut. Just a big YES from me about this product!

  • yeast infections gone  |  (Posted on 10/8/14)

    Review by Deb

    Out of 5

    I am 58 years old, never had problems with vaginal yeast infections. Once I'd completed menopause I began getting the occasional yeast infection. It reached the point where I was getting them monthly. I was so uncomfortable and frustrated. I tried CandiGone and after two weeks I felt better. After the die off I felt even better. I've taken three rounds of CandiGone with a couple weeks break in between and haven't had a yeast infection in almost six months.

  • Worked for a bit  |  (Posted on 9/14/14)

    Review by Manitoba

    Out of 5

    As soon as I slipped up after 3 months of very strict eating the candida came back worse then before

  • Not effective for my body  |  (Posted on 9/13/14)

    Review by Nicole

    Out of 5

    This product seems to be great for fighting Candida. However, my Naturopath said that for some reason my body did not respond well to it. She said it was not effectively clearing out the Candida and that it was recirculating and being absorbed in my body. (The capsules caused this not the tincture). After I began taking this cleanse i started getting worse instead of better (and I am pretty sure it was different from "die off" symptoms. After taking it for 11 days I discontinued use of the capsules. She instead gave me a homeopathic supplement which seems to be working better along side the tincture.
    But that is just for me personally and it may be completely different for other people's bodies.

  • Awesome  |  (Posted on 7/8/14)

    Review by G

    Out of 5

    This was very helpful for Candida Overgrowth Syndrome (or related conditions, I'm sure). If your case is severe, I'd recommend taking it for 2 or 3 months. It might make your digestive track feel strange at first, but that just means it's working. It'll even out after you give it some time, within 2-3 weeks.

  • Love it!  |  (Posted on 6/21/14)

    Review by Danielle

    Out of 5

    I was diagnosed with a yeast allergy as a teen, but continued on with my yeast-eating lifestyle for years due to no noticeable adverse reactions. After a bad outbreak of Perioral Dermatitis, I decided it was time for a change. This cleanse helped jump-start my yeast-free lifestyle, and I'm so thankful! I'm not sure I ever had a yeast overgrowth as I never had any die-off symptoms while taking this product, but while using this cleanse and their probiotic and eating a 100% yeast-free diet, I feel SO much better. I have more energy, I've lost over 10 pounds of bloat, my chronic cough has disappeared as well as my headaches. I just purchased another box so I can have a second round of it!

  • Miracle  |  (Posted on 5/8/14)

    Review by Rebecca D

    Out of 5

    My 16 year old daughter has been sickly for years, suffering from extreme allergies, headaches, constipation, bloating, intestinal discomfort, headaches, chronic fatigue, sleeplessness, and depression. She also has low immunities. In the fourth grade, the allergies started, along with sinus and ear infections, strep throat, several times a year. Everything worsened overtime, despite going organic, eliminating processed foods from her diet, along with dairy, all forms of sugar and grains. After many doctors and labs revealing nothing, her new doctor (an MD specializing in integrated medicines) put her on Candigone for 30 days and the Candigone diet. The results are miraculous! After three days she started feeling the best she has in several years! Now at the end of the thirty days, the dark circles under her eyes have disappeared, the headaches, bloated ness, cramps are almost gone. She is sleeping well! 90% of her issues have been eliminated!! She is the happiest I have seen her in years, along with becoming more social. The stress I have been under trying to care for her and watching her suffer has been immense. I cannot express enough the relief and excitement that I have seeing this transformation finally!! I can only share this good news with others in hopes that they too will find the relief that she has!

  • Helped my Acne  |  (Posted on 4/5/14)

    Review by Whit

    Out of 5

    Now i had very bad acne for years. I was prescribed medications and even was on accutane.
    Those unfortunately did not do mich for my persistent acne. I also had constipation issues.
    I was in and out of the hospital for my severe constipation. I did two rounds and my skin has not been this clear in a long time. I took this with CleanseSmart too. My bowels are better. The only thing is when i get off the cleanse my acne comes back a little. Not alot though. I think im suffering other issues like lack of probotics or I need to clean my liver!

  • Long process  |  (Posted on 11/15/13)

    Review by Me

    Out of 5

    I am on week 4 of this product and plan to buy more. I've been fairly strict on the diet with a slip up at the end of week 3 which made me very yeasty. At this point skin is looking better and I am going to continue to see how I can further reduce my candida. I feel like a strict low sugar diet may be a new lifestyle, having previously eaten tons of sugar in fruit, wheat, dairy, and pastries.

    One issue is feeling a bit like beef jerky - dehydrated tissues.

  • Thanks.  |  (Posted on 11/6/13)

    Review by Ruth

    Out of 5

    I do think you have a good product. I have used others but they didn't give a diet. I really believe that is important. I followed it strictly. I don't weigh much more than 100 pounds so I only took half the dose. I got good results. Two years ago my nutritionist had me on a diet and it wasn't that strict. Then the last several months it seemed to get worse. I can recommend your product. Thanks.

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