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Buddy Bear Digest

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Delicious Chewable Digestive Enzyme Supplement for Children

  • Natural ingredients
  • Plant-based digestive enzyme formula
  • Supports the intestinal lining‡
  • Delicious, natural Berry Blast flavor
  • 60 tablets

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Buddy Bear Digest is a mild, natural plant-based digestive enzyme blend formulated to assist with digestion and aid nutrient absorption.‡ This effective formula promotes overall digestive health and helps break down proteins, carbohydrates and fats.‡ L-glutamine and N-acetyl D-glucosamine, along with gamma oryzanol, help to maintain a healthy intestinal lining.‡

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Customer Reviews

  • no good  |  (Posted on 2/16/14)

    Review by faby74

    Im sad to say that this product didn't work for my daughter. She has had problem digesting her food since birth. Ive tried others that work good. I bought this one because i found it at the store, so i thought better than ordering online. I tried the whole bottle , but without no success!!! Sorry i can't buy it again...

  • Definite Benefits  |  (Posted on 3/11/13)

    Review by KNS

    My daughter is now 4 and started have problems with constipation just before she was 2 years old. She began holding it and she became impacted. This happened repeatedly and we had to use Miralax. I didn't want to continue using Miralax so I started her on the Buddy Bear Probiotics and the Buddy Bear Digest. Along with plenty of food based fiber, such as seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables, she is doing great. I believe the Buddy Bear Digest is helping her body break down her food and absorb more nutrients. She only has one a day with dinner. Her stool is soft and doesn't hurt her so she isn't holding it. I believe the combination of the digestive enzyme, probiotic and healthy diet has been her answer. I'm so thankful for these products.

  • bye bye tummy ache!  |  (Posted on 2/5/12)

    Review by Mike

    ever since my son started taking this no more wet stools, regularly goes to the toilet and no more tummy aches. he has a problem in digesting dairy,acidic and oily foods. but when my 5 year old started taking this even with the occasional intake of the foods he is sensitive to,which normally gives him tummy aches but with him taking this every day, he does not have tummy aches and i am so happy to see him smile and gain weight.

  • No more blood with poops  |  (Posted on 8/15/10)

    Review by daphduck

    I have a four year old son who started developing constipation at three and half. It got so severe that he was bleeding every time he had a BM. We saw a GI doctor who suggested Miralax to soften the stool and get the fissure to heal. We did that and there was still blood no matter how loose we got the stools. Then we did blood work to make sure there was no Celiac Disease, etc. Tests came back normal. So the next step was to have a Colonoscopy. We didn't really want to go there, so we started praying, Asking God to help us find the answer. My husband ended up doing a detox and had one of the books by the Renew Author. He called the main number to get more information on some of their products and ended up talking about our son. The lady suggested the probiotic and the digestive enzyme. This is the only thing that has worked. We are going on two weeks and no blood! His poops are soft and he says he feels better. Thank goodness for my husband's detox program. We would have been heading into surgery if it werent' for this product. It tastes great and my son loves it when he gets two!

    Fantastic Product!

  • good for nausea  |  (Posted on 7/11/10)

    Review by Lynn

    I experience nausea A LOT. I find this children's chewable easier to take (and get instant relief), since the adult digest tablets don't work as well for me.

  • Love this product!  |  (Posted on 5/14/10)

    Review by Sara

    My son was having issues with gas and very mild bloating until I started giving him this product. He even loves the taste!

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Quantity of Tablets 60
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Buddy Bear Digest
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