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16-oz. Heavy Duty Sport Filter Water Bottle

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BPA-free Portable Water Bottle

  • Removes Lead, Mercury & Chlorine
  • Removes Taste & Odor
  • Includes One Filter
  • Perfect For Standard Bicycle Racks and Car Holders

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BPA-free Portable Sport Filter Water Bottle

Our modern world is more toxic than ever, and harmful contaminants can be found in our air, our food, and even our water. This 16-ounce refillable water bottle is made of heavy-duty BPA-free plastic and includes a powerful filter to remove lead, mercury, chlorine, taste and odor so you can enjoy clean, purified water anytime. This water bottle comes with one carbon composite filter designed to treat 150 drink uses or 20 gallons of water. Purchase extra filters here.

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Weight (oz) 3.2000
16-oz. Heavy Duty Sport Filter Water Bottle
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