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FishSMART Ultra

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Ultra-concentrated Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement for Heart & Joint Support‡

  • Ultra-concentrated 30% EPA, 20% DHA
  • Certified free of mercury and PCBs
  • Lipase helps prevent fishy aftertaste‡
  • Peppermint oil promotes healthy digestion‡
  • Enteric-coated for better absorption

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FishSMART Ultra is a concentrated Omega 3 fish oil supplement with 300mg of EPA and 200mg of DHA to support healthy brain, eye, heart and kidney function.‡ These beneficial Omega-3 fish oils have also been shown to promote brain and nervous system health‡ Peppermint oil is added to help soothe the digestive system, and lipase helps break down fats and oils.‡

FishSMART Ultra Omega 3 fish oil supplements contain the same amount of fish oil as a 2.5-ounce serving of salmon. The oils in FishSMART Ultra are sourced from sardines, anchovies and mackerel. All of our oils are tested and certified free of mercury and PCBs before they are placed in capsules.

Research has shown that the essential fatty acids found in fish oil, help to: nourish the brain, eyes, heart and kidneys‡; promote a positive mood and feelings of well-being‡; support learning and mental development in children‡; and support healthy brain and nerve development during pregnancy and nursing.‡

FishSMART Ultra contains Ultragest, a combination of peppermint oil and lipase. Peppermint oil is added to help soothe the digestive system.‡ Lipase is an enzyme used by the body to break down fats and oils. The addition of lipase makes the fish oils more easily absorbed by the body.‡

Lipase also helps to prevent the fishy aftertaste that many people experience when supplementing with Omega-3 fish oils.

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Customer Reviews

  • Thanks to prayers and Renew Life I am back to normal  |  (Posted on 9/2/11)

    Review by Corey

    In May of 2009 I underwent a surgical procedure to have my ovaries removed. Following the surgery I did not have a bowel movement for 12 days. After 2 weeks I went to the ER and was admitted for 5 days with a collapsed bowel and stomach. I was told this sometimes happens due to the anesthesia. I was told that I had an ileus. This is paralysis of the intestine. Basically my bowels and stomach did not wake up after surgery. After 8 months of taking $500.00 worth of medication a month, including an FDA study drug, I stopped everything on my own. I had been going to a chiropractor and she recommended I try some natural medications. By this time my blood pressure and cholesterol were out of control due to toxic poison. After 2 weeks of taking Fiber Smart & Fish Smart (Renew Life), my numbers started to improve. It has now been 1 year and 7 months later and this is all I take. I was able to stop all my Rx medications. My blood pressure is now normal and my overall cholesterol went from 375 to 230. I have regular bowel movements everyday and all my bloating is gone.
    I was told from 3 different gastro doctors that I could die if I didn't start to go to the bathroom on a regular basis. They were going to scope me down through my throat to remove the feces. Thanks to Fiber Smart with probiotics/FOS/L-Glutamine I did not have to have this done. I have lost 24 lbs. and am living proof that natural products are the way to go. Thanks to prayers and Renew Life I am back to normal. I take 3 every night before bed and take Fish Smart every a.m.

  • I feel that I'm on the road to full recovery  |  (Posted on 8/26/11)

    Review by Levan

    On and off, I've been suffering from disbiosis for 12 years. During this period, I took different medicines, but with not much result. Several months ago, I started taking Renew Life's products, namely Cleanse More, Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion, Ultimate Flora Critical Colon 80 Billion, FiberSmart, IntestiNew and FishSmart Ultra. Amazingly, since then my health changed drastically. In the past, I sometimes would go without a bowel movement for 2 weeks, but now, since I discovered Renew Life, I have a bowel movement every single day.
    Also, during the illness, the growth of my fingernails decreased, but now it's back to normal.
    Thanks to the wonderful products of Renew Life, I feel that I'm on the right track on the road to full recovery.

  • For people with poor digestion  |  (Posted on 7/5/11)

    Review by Betty Ann

    This product is especially important for people with poor digestion. It contains much more digestive enzyme than any other along with the pepermint sooths. I have very weak digestion and this product works great for me. It helps with bowel movements by lubricating the bowel and works on inflamation in the gut. Without the lipase you just get gas. This product is important in the line of Omegas.

  • amazing product  |  (Posted on 7/1/11)

    Review by bren

    This product helped me lower my cholesetrol by 100 points as i take this everyday. My doctor was amazed by my progress.

  • LOVE these Oils  |  (Posted on 5/10/10)

    Review by Byron

    I have high-cholesterol and triglycerides. These oils are part of my natural daily regimen to help me keep those levels from skyrocketing. Added benefit: better joints and regularity!

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FishSMART Ultra
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