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Total Body Rapid Cleanse

7 Day Liver Cleanse: ǂ

  • Specific liver purifying herbs and nutrients ǂ
  • Helps protect, stimulate, and detoxify the liver ǂ
  • With added total body detox support ǂ
  • 3-part detox, colon, and fiber formula for maximum results in just one week!

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Detoxification Program—7 Day Liver Cleanse

Is your liver under toxic stress? Could your health benefit from a 7 day liver cleanse to help nourish and detoxify your body’s primary cleansing organ, the liver?

The liver is your body’s key filter for the many toxins we take in every day. It is your primary line of defense against bodily toxins. Every drop of blood passes through the liver for cleansing at a rate of about 100 gallons a day. All the toxins you ingest in your food, medications, water, and beverages are filtered through the liver. What toxins, you ask? Even if you eat fairly well, you might be surprised how many toxins your body has to filter out.

Sources of Liver Toxins—Food, Drink, Drugs

A liver cleanse is formulated to support, detoxify, and protect the liver from the many toxins in our world today: ǂ

  • These toxins include trans fats, preservatives, and artificial colors and flavors in our foods.
  • They include many of the common over the counter drugs we take to relieve headaches and mild illness symptoms: medicine cabinet staples such as NSAIDS, decongestants, and sleep aids.
  • Your liver even sees something as seemingly harmless as caffeine as a toxin and it has to work hard to process alcohol.

Many of these substances are unavoidable and ideally our liver can handle them. The liver performs over 500 functions and it does them all without much support from the processed foods we eat or the medicines we take. Your liver helps regulate your blood sugar and produces hormones, as well as filters out toxins.

The liver’s most important function is internal toxin management. In the first phase of blood detox, the liver activates enzymes that metabolize toxins in the blood as they pass through the liver. In the second phase, the liver further processes these metabolized toxins until they are neutralized and water soluble. This phase ensures the toxins are stable enough to be circulated on to the colon/kidneys and safely eliminated from the body via the bile and urine.

Today’s Undernourished Liver
Not only are our livers now exposed to more toxins thanks to new chemicals hitting the market almost daily, they are also undernourished. A liver under increased toxic stress requires increased nutrition—select natural compounds from herbs and whole foods that help it do its detox job. Unfortunately, much of the food we now eat is hydrogenated, homogenized, pasteurized, genetically modified, enriched to put nutrients back in that have been lost during processing, irradiated, refined, and preserved. These foods do little to nourish and support the liver.

How a 7 Day Liver Cleanse Can Help

A liver cleanse helps to support, protect, and detoxify the liver as well as stimulate healthy liver function. ǂ Signs that your liver is not functioning well include:

  • Weight gain, especially around the abdomen. A toxic liver is not able to properly metabolize fats, leading to weight gain in areas that increase the risk of heart disease.
  • Allergies and sensitivities to metals (jewelry) and foods. A toxic liver cannot properly process large particles that may leak out from the digestive tract. This sets up chronic inflammation and an autoimmune response that triggers allergies and sensitivities.
  • A toxic “fatty” liver gives rise to blood sugar issues as well as concerns you may never attribute to liver toxicity such as depression, brain fog, indigestion, occasional constipation, bloating, and chronic fatigue/joint and muscle pain.
  • Signs that your other channels of elimination—the lungs, skin, lymph, blood, kidneys, and colon—are taking on the extra burden of toxins your liver can’t filter. These signs include immune, skin, and digestive issues.

Fortunately, an assortment of natural herbs, amino acids, and nutraceuticals can assist the liver’s many functions and stimulate its detoxifying actions. ǂ These nutrients are liver and detox specific, meaning they work in this area to help rid the liver and tissues of built-up toxins as well as provide important antioxidant action and stimulate inherent liver antioxidant production. ǂ

  • Milk Thistle, a botanical that contains the potent antioxidant silymarin, supports natural liver function and strengthens liver cells to promote liver detox actions. ǂ
  • Stinging Nettle Leaf has been used for centuries for its kidney, bladder, and liver purifying properties—it helps to cleanse liver toxins. ǂ
  • Dandelion Leaf helps to manage water retention and support optimal blood filtering in the liver. ǂ
  • Turmeric is a spice and when used as a liver cleanser helps to stimulate bile production for an active toxin flush out to the colon. ǂ
  • Burdock root is used to support healthy liver cells and a healthy removal of toxins from the liver/skin. ǂ

In addition to liver-specific detox herbs, your liver cleanse should contain a variety of cleansing nutrients such as garlic, bamboo leaf, oat extract, mullein, and fenugreek to support the other channels of elimination. Also, make sure your cleanse offers extra support to the colon with added fiber and gentle colon stimulating herbs. This helps ensure that the toxins removed during your cleanse are properly eliminated via the stool, a primary channel for toxin flushing.